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XIII. Role-play. Work in pairs. Make up a dialogue on one of these situations using the Simple Tenses and the prompts given.

- A is a shop-assistant; B is a custumer. Prompts: department store, shoe department, a pair of shoes, to be the latest fashion, to try on, size, to buy, polite.

- A is going for a walk; B offers to accompany her/him. Prompts: weather, rain, umbrella, raincoat, trainers, fresh air.

- A is cooking dinner for the family; B offers to help. Prompts: to cook broth, to prepare vegetables, chops, stuffed cabbage rolls, to fry potatoes, stewed fruit.

XIV. Look at the conversation between Karl Brown’s secretary and John Williams. Try to complete the dialogue and reproduce it in pairs. Use the Simple Tenses.

S. Hello! Karl Brown’s office.

J.W. Hello! Could I speak to Karl Brown, please? This is John Williams.

S. I am afraid he is out at this moment.

J.W. I see. What time will he be back in the office?

S. I am not sure. I don’t know, but… …

XV. Role-play. Work in pairs.

You are in a hotel. A is an receptionist, and B is a guest. The guest has several requests and phones Reception from his/her room. Use these situations:

  • You’d like some coffee and a sandwich in your room.

  • You want the telephone number of the airport.

  • You want to be woken at 6.00 in the morning.

  • You want to order a taxi to take you to the airport.

Use the Simple Tenses.

XVI. Work with a partner. Choose from the list and make short dialogues using the Simple Tenses.

Read / a book in a foreign language?

Drive / a car?

Sleep / in the open air?

See / a horror movie?

Try / iced tea?

Meet / anyone famous?

XVII. Role-play. Work in groups of three.

You are the parents of C. One of you is a teacher, and the other is a lawyer. You would like C to follow one of these professions, but C has other ideas. Your son wants to be a dancer. Talk together and try to persuade each other to see your point of view. Use the Simple Tenses.

XVIII. Role-play.

You are going to interview Jimmy Brown, a news reporter from the BBC and a documentary maker. Work in groups to prepare questions. When you are ready, conduct the interview. Don’t forget to use the following questions paying attention to the Present Simple.

1. What sort of programmes does he find offensive? Why?

2. Does he feel people can tell the difference between fantasy and reality? Does he think it matters whether they can? What examples can he quote to support his view?

3. Does he think television reflects society, or influences society? Does he feel that television has positive as well as negative influences?

Compare your answers and swap information.

XIX. Translate into English.

Українська мова є і завжди буде основою нашого державного й національного суверенітету. Кожна людина здатна володіти, а в наші часи і просто зобов’язана розмовляти і читати кількома мовами, якщо хоче бути успішною у своїй справі. Але тільки однією, рідною, мовою будується душа людини, її емоційна система, зв’язок з космосом, з Богом, а найголовніше – з собою. Тому ми повинні знати і любити нашу рідну українську мову, берегти та шанувати її.

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