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Configuring the Client Tier

Configuring the Client Tier

This section discusses options for configuring your web browser to use iSQL*Plus. Specific topics discussed are:

Adding MIME Types

Adding Proxy Server Exceptions

Note that your network and browser configuration may not require you to change any settings in your web browser.

Adding MIME Types

Some web browsers may require you to either remove a MIME type definition or application association for files with a .SQL extension, or to create a MIME type or application association for files with a .SQL extension in order to load scripts into iSQL*Plus.

For example, to set up an application extension for files with a SQL extension in Netscape Navigator 4.7 for Windows NT:

1.Select Preferences from the Edit menu.

2.Select Applications from the Navigator menu tree.

3.Click the New Type button. On the displayed form, enter

Description of type: SQL files File extension: SQL

MIME type: text/plain Application to use: notepad.exe

Uncheck the "use this MIME as the outgoing default for this extension"

If this is not set up in your web browser, you may get an error when you try to load scripts that iSQL*Plus cannot identify as text files.

Adding Proxy Server Exceptions

Some configurations of proxy servers may affect the ability of the iSQL*Plus user interface to connect with the iSQL*Plus Server. If you cannot connect with the iSQL*Plus Server, a browser alert "Document contains no data" is displayed when you try to load the iSQL*Plus Log In screen. If this situation occurs, you should reconfigure your proxy server or create a proxy exception in your browser for the Oracle HTTP Server running iSQL*Plus.

Configuring iSQL*Plus 2-3

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