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What is iSQL*Plus?

What is iSQL*Plus?

iSQL*Plus is a browser-based interface to SQL*Plus. iSQL*Plus is a component of the SQL*Plus product.

iSQL*Plus enables you to use a web browser to connect to Oracle9i and perform the same actions as you would through the command line version of SQL*Plus (known as SQL*Plus in this guide). You can use iSQL*Plus to write SQL*Plus, SQL and PL/SQL commands to:

Enter, edit, run and save SQL commands and PL/SQL blocks.

Calculate, and print query results.

List column definitions for any table.

Access and copy data between databases.

Perform database administration.

See Chapter 3, "The iSQL*Plus User Interface" for more information about the iSQL*Plus user interface.

iSQL*Plus Architecture

iSQL*Plus uses a three-tier architectural model comprising:

Client Tier (iSQL*Plus user interface, typically a web browser).

Middle Tier (iSQL*Plus Server, Oracle Net, and Oracle HTTP Server).

Database Tier (Oracle9i).

The three tiers may or may not be on the same machine. The iSQL*Plus Server must be on the same machine as the Oracle HTTP Server. The middle tier coordinates interactions and resources between the client tier and the database tier. The

1-2 iSQL*Plus User’s Guide and Reference

iSQL*Plus Architecture

database tier is Oracle9i. Oracle9i can be installed and accessed on the middle tier, or accessed via Oracle Net.

iSQL*Plus User Interface

The iSQL*Plus user interface runs in a web browser connected to the Internet or your intranet. You only need to know the URL of the Oracle HTTP Server to access Oracle9i.

Oracle HTTP Server

The middle tier contains the Oracle HTTP Server and the iSQL*Plus Server. The iSQL*Plus Server enables communication and authentication between the iSQL*Plus user interface and Oracle9i. Each iSQL*Plus session is uniquely identified, so you can have multiple concurrent sessions open to Oracle9i.


Oracle Net components provide communication between the iSQL*Plus Server and Oracle9i in the same way as for a client server installation of Oracle9i.

Introduction to iSQL*Plus 1-3

iSQL*Plus Architecture

1-4 iSQL*Plus User’s Guide and Reference

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