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3. Read the text and fill in:

a) came into existence, b) in fact, c) as for, d) in brief, e) deals with, f) on this account, g) as concerns, h) attention must be paid

Think about your future job 1. . It may include telecommuting, the use of communications technologies (such as the Internet) to work in a place other than a central location. Telecommuting presents wonderful "quality of life” opportunities.

2. ___business, it is also good but presents new challenges. 3. now more than ever business must consider the issue of security. When the Internet 4. , wireless communications and telecommuting made the security of information is a top priority. 5. people working from home they are more vulnerable to virus attacks than are workers at a central location behind company firewall hardware and software. Communications across the Internet (either wired or wireless) are more susceptible to interception than communications on a secure local area network in an office building. Management information system (MIS) encompasses all of these issues and many others, as well as the enabling technologies.

Nevertheless, 6. that technology is not the sole focus of MIS. Technology 7. ___ a set of tools that enables you to work more efficiently and effectively with information. 8. , people and information are the most important resources within MIS, not technology. Of course, every organization today needs all three (and many others such as capital) to compete effectively in the marketplace.

4. Scan the title of the following test and try to figure out its contents.

It in Marketing

Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers. For many years, handbills, newspaper ads, television commercials, radio spots, and mass mail campaigns were all important tools of the marketing industry. Now, computers have opened new vistas for communicating with consumers.

In marketing computers played a role of a research tool for quickly crunching numbers from consumer surveys, sales figures etc. Statistics derived from that data helped companies focus development efforts on the most promising products and market them effectively. Marketing research data made it clear that even the most effective advertising could not convince everyone to buy a particular product. To better target potential buyers, marketers turned to direct marketing.

Direct marketing attempts to establish a one-to-one relationship with prospective customers rather than giving information about a product from standard forms of advertising. The first direct marketing techniques included personalized letters, catalogs, and telemarketing. Telemarketing is a technique for telephone solicitation. Computerized autodialers make it possible for telemarketers to work efficiently. Customer names, addresses, and telephone numbers were mined from extensive computer databases. Lists could be tailored in rudimentary ways to fit target markets.

The Internet opened up dramatic new horizons in direct marketing by providing an inexpensive conduit for collecting information about potential customers and distributing targeted direct marketing. The Internet and the World Wide Web have become the most important new communications media. Today, a vast amount of information flows over the Internet and marketers are trying to harness that information to most efficiently communicate their message to prospective customers.

E-commerce Web sites offer a global distribution channel for small entrepreneurs as well as multinational corporations. Consumers can locate e-commerce sites using a search engine. A lot of marketers use search engine optimization techniques to get their Web sites to the top of search engine lists. Another way to drive traffic to e-commerce site is banner advertising that clutters up Web pages with inviting tag lines for free products. Clicking the ad connects customers to the site. So, computer skills are vital because marketing, product promotion, and advertising on the Internet are increasingly common.

5. Read the first sentences of the paragraphs and say what questions are going to be discussed in the text.

6. Scan the first paragraph of the text and try to guess about the contents of the paragraph proper.

7. Split the following text into parts and think up appropriate titles for each paragraph. See if this outline fully reflects the contents of the text.

8. Spot the key words of each paragraph which can be words for its further retelling.

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