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Language Activities


  1. Where does the action of the story take place?

  2. How is Rosemary Fell portrayed by the author? Describe her way of life.

  3. Under what circumstances did Rosemary meet Miss Smith? What did the girl look like?

  4. Why did Rosemary take the poor girl home?

  5. How did Miss Smith behave in Rosemary’s house?

  6. Who is Philip? How did he take the presence of the poor girl in his house?

  7. In what way did Rosemary behave after the conversation with her husband?

  8. Give a brief account of the plot of the story.


Word List

to take smb. to pieces

to adore smb.


to give no sign


to regret smth.

to give way to smth.

to clutch at smth.


to hold on to smth

to faint

to go off

to burst into tears

to do away with oneself

to keep smb. against smb.’s will

  1. Reproduce the passages from the text in which the vocabulary is used.

  2. Paraphrase the following using the vocabulary:

  1. He loves his elder brother deeply.

  2. Mary couldn’t any longer control her emotions.

  3. Brian is so open-handed and kind that even his friends sometimes take advantage of him.

  4. Mark’s words hurt her bitterly, but she didn’t show it.

  5. Her family was rather rich.

  6. The child suddenly started crying.

  7. Silent and pale she took hold of the doorknob and then lost consciousness.

  1. Translate the following using the vocabulary:

  1. Разве ты сделал что-нибудь в своей жизни, о чём сейчас жалеешь?

  2. Не поддавайся отчаянию и ни о чём не жалей.

  3. Он теряет сознание при виде крови.

  4. Держись за верёвку, я помогу тебе.

  5. У меня весьма смутные воспоминания о детстве.

  1. Fill in prepositions:

  1. Annette gazed admirably ___ Warren as he spoke.

  2. He took ___ his gloves and entered the room.

  3. He clutched desperately ___ the branch as he fell.

  4. She shivered as though she had just come ___ ___ the water.

  5. He helped Brenda ___ ___ her coat as she entered.

  6. He put his arm ___ her shoulders and kissed her.

  7. Dolly filled his cup ___ milk.

  8. She squeezed the tube ___ toothpaste ___ her hand.

  9. You can’t keep me ___ my will.

  10. Cathy insisted ___ leaving the place immediately.

  1. Paraphrase or explain the following sentences. Translate them into Russian.

  1. She had a duck of a boy.

  2. “I shall go off, madam, if I don’t have something”.

  3. “I can’t bear it. I shall do away with myself.”

  4. “She is a real pick-up”.

  5. “I was bowled over when I came into your room just now.”

  6. “You may, little wasteful one,” said he.

Discussion points

  1. What is the author’s way of introducing the characters? Do you learn more about them from what they say and how they act or from the author’s descriptions?

  2. What role does the description of the winter afternoon play in the narrative? Why does the author introduce Miss Smith on this dark sad background?

  3. Interpret the phrase: “Hungry people are easily led”.

  4. What was Miss Smith to Rosemary? Account for the choice of words the author uses to describe Rosemary’s feelings about the girl: “…it seemed to Rosemary such an adventure…”; “…said Rosemary, longing to begin to be generous.”

  5. How can you explain Miss Smith’s emotional outburst at Rosemary’s home? Comment on the implications of the phrase: “Now at last the other (Miss Smith) forgot to be shy…” How does the girl’s behaviour change throughout the narrative?

  6. Twice in the story the reader comes across the idea of Rosemary and Miss Smith’s being “both women”. First Rosemary says: “Don’t be frightened. After all, why shouldn’t you come back with me? We’re both women.” Later the author observes: “Now at last the other forgot to be shy, forgot everything except that they were both women…” What do you think Rosemary means saying these words? What implication is there in the author’s words?

  7. What impact did Philip’s words about Miss Smith have on Rosemary? Why did she behave like that?

  8. Why did Rosemary give the young girl only three pounds? What was behind her conduct? Why didn’t she let the girl stay in her house?

  9. What do you think of Rosemary and Philip’s marriage? Is it a success?

  10. Make character-sketches of a)Rosemary, b)Miss Smith, c)Philip.

  11. What is the theme of the story?

  12. What is the message of the story?

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