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Assignment II (Chapters 4-7)


      1. Why did the poor Ghost continue walking along the corridor though he was terribly afraid of the twins and took all precautions against being heard or seen?

      2. The Ghost visited the twins in their bedroom. How did the whole affair finish?

      3. Why was the Ghost so eager to visit the young Duke of Cheshire?

      4. Why did Virginia decide to speak to the Ghost? How did the Ghost behave during the conversation?

      5. What did you learn about Sir Simon from Chapter 5?

      6. What did the Ghost ask Virginia to do for him and why?

      7. Describe the evening in the chase when Virginia disappeared.

      8. How did Virginia explain her absence?

      9. What did the Otis family learn about Sir Simon de Canterville?

      10. Why didn’t Lord Canterville agree to take the jewels the Ghost had given to Virginia?

      11. What is the end of the story?

      12. Sum up the contents of Chapters 4-7.


Word List

to deserve smth.

to be under one's control

to escape from one's obligations

to take precautions (against)

to humiliate

to serve one’s purpose

to make an effort

to give up hope

seized with a panic

to drive smb to bay

in a state of despair

to live on to a great age

to hush smth up

to smb’s surprise

to admit smth.

to starve smb. to death


to tell on smb.

to have mercy on smb.

to harm smb.

to wring one’s hands

to be grateful to smb.

to play a trick on smb.

to be frightened to death

to observe a custom

to have interest in

  1. Reproduce the passages from the text in which the vocabulary is used.

  2. Paraphrase the following using the vocabulary:

  1. Why are you constantly complaining about me?

  2. How could you disgrace me by questioning my judgment in front of everyone like that?

  3. At first he denied stealing the money but he later confessed it.

  4. She appealed to the judge not to be so hard on her husband.

  5. I’m much obliged to you for all that you’ve done.

  1. Translate the following using the vocabulary:

  1. Он заслужил уважение коллег тем, что никогда не уклонялся от своих обязанностей.

  2. Чтобы избежать распространения инфекции, были приняты все необходимые меры предосторожности.

  3. Мой дедушка дожил до глубокой старости, никогда никому не причинив зла.

  4. Мальчик испугался до смерти – ты сыграл над ним злую шутку.

  5. К своему удивлению я обнаружила, что Дженни постоянно жалуется на меня родителям.

  1. Paraphrase or explain the following:

  1. I am bound to acknowledge that it was with a good deal of difficulty that he brought himself to adopt this last mode of protection.

  2. After this he was not seen again on any nocturnal expedition.

  3. My father will be only too happy to give you a free passage, and though there is a heavy duty on spirits of every kind, there will be no difficulty about the Custom House, as the officers are all Democrats.

  4. It was generally felt that, as she had been frightened by the ghost for more than fifty years of her life, she had a right to see the last of him.

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