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1. Complete with a word or expressions from the list: after; as soon as; before; if; unless; until; when.

1. ________ we have dinner, we could go for a drink.

2. I must write the date in my diary_______ I forget it.

3. Let’s wait under the tree ______ it stops raining.

4. This job is very urgent so please do it ______ you can.

5. We won’t get a table in the restaurant ______ we don’t book.

6. I’ll pay you back _______ I get my first salary.

7. I can’t go ________ you pay for my ticket. I’m broke.

8. They’ll be really happy ______ they hear your news.

9. I want to go on working ______ I’m 60. Then I’ll retire.

10. I must renew my passport _______ I go to New York.

11. ________ you work harder, you won’t pass the final exam.

2. Match the sentence halves.

1. She won’t pass her exams a. after I finish my exams.

2. I’ll have to go to a new school b. if she gets good marks.

3. She won’t start primary school c. I’m going to do my homework.

4. I think I’ll go on holiday d. unless she revises more.

5. As soon as I get home e. until she’s four years old.

6. Her parents will get her a present f. when my parents move to Doncaster.

3. Complete with the present simple or will.

1. I’ll give him your message when I ______ him. (see)

2. Don’t forget to turn off the lights before you _____ . (leave)

3. They _____ married until they find a place to live. (not get)

4. Go to bed when the film _______ . (finish)

5. If I see Emma, I ______ her you are looking for her. (tell)

6. I’ll call you as soon as I _____ at the hotel. (arrive)

7. You won’t be able to park unless you _____ there early. (get)

8. As soon it stops raining, we _____ out. (go)

9. She won’t like curry if she ______ spicy food. (not like)

10 Don’t write anything until I ______ you. (tell)

11. When she finds out what he’s done, she _____ furious. (be)

4. * Charlotte works for an advertising company. She’s made some notes about different products. Write sentences with if + the simple present + will to advertise the products.

- wash your hair with Glam – it looks super

If you wash your hair with Glam, it’ll look super.

- feel better – take Panadex

You’ll feel better if you take Panadex

1. choose a Sunspot holiday – have a great time

2. sleep a lot better – sleep in a Dreamway bed

3. people notice you – wear Rodeo jeans

4. shop at Kwikbuy – save money

5. use Luxidor paint – your house looks beautiful

6. know what’s happening – read the Daily Talk

7. wash with Whizz – your clothes cleaner

8. drive a Delta – not want to drive any other car

5. Write second conditional sentences.

If you / speak to your boss, I’m sure he / understand.

If you spoke to your boss, I’m sure he would understand.

1. It / be better for me if we / meet tomorrow.

2. She / not treat him like that if she really / love him.

3. If I / can live anywhere in the world, I / live in New Zealand.

4. The kitchen / look bigger if we / paint it white.

5. I / not buy that house if I / be you.

6. He / be more attractive if he / wear nicer clothes.

7. If we / not have children, we / travel more.

8. What / you do in this situation if you / be me?

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