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III. Read, translate and reproduce the dialogue:

Voronin: Did you watch the news programme on television yesterday, Mr Blake?

Mr Blake: No, my wife and I went to the cinema last night.

Voronin: What was on?

Mr Blake: We saw a new comedy at the Odeon. It started at 7 and lasted till 10, as it is a two-part film.

Voronin: Was the cinema full?

Mr Blake: Oh, yes. It's a very popular film. I recommend you to go and see it.

Voronin: Thank you, but I don't like comedies very much.

Mr Blake: What kind of films do you like?

Voronin: Well, I like good love stories or musicals. I never watch horror films or old Westerns. Actually, historical films in black and white or in colour are my favourite films. I also like detective films and thrillers.

Mr Blake: How about film versions of novels? Do you like them?

Voronin: Yes, if they are close to the original and if popu­lar actors star in them.

IV. Exercises:

  1. Compose dialogues of your own beginning with the following opening sentences:

1) – Was the foreign film you saw subtitled or dubbed? – Unfortunately it was … 2) – The photography of the film, however fine, didn’t save the film. – Yes, but … 3) – What is very important for a good film is a good script. – I’m afraid it’s not always so … 4) – Popular science fiction films can have tremendous educational value. – Yes, it’s true. I remember the film … 5) – The film is sentimental and not true to life. – It’s not as bad as all that. It’s a bit … 6) – Do you fancy going to the pictures on Saturday? – Well, I … 7) – A, really does steal the show, doesn’t she? – I suppose she does but the others … 8) – You won’t enjoy the film version of …, I’m sure. – Why? They say it’s worth seeing though …

  1. Speak about your favourite cinema actor (actress). What especially strikes you in his (her) acting? In what roles do you like him (her) best? Use the following ideas:

To work on the leading role; a screen adaptation of …; the film deals with; a popular film actor (actress); to succeed in giving an excellent portrayal of …; to create a gallery of memorable characters (a truly attractive comedy character, people of strong character and firm principles); to have a gift of observation; to revive in his (her) characters the characteristic features of working people (the builders of a new society); his (her) talent is maturing; the characters created by … possess a romantic spirit (human dignity).

V. Answer the questions:

  1. Do you like the cinema?

  2. Which films do you prefer?

  3. Which films have been released lately?

  4. What do you usually do when you want to go to the cinema?

  5. Do you prefer to watch films at the cinema or on television?

  6. Who is your favourite film star?

  7. At what price do you book tickets for the cinema?

  8. Do you prefer the cinema to the theatre?

  9. Did people use to go to the cinema often?

  10. Why are there less cinema-goers now?

VI. Act out the situations:

  1. Ваш друг пригласил вас в кино, и вы обсуждаете какой фильм посмотреть.

  2. Вы покупаете заранее билеты в кино и спрашиваете кассира о сеансе и о цене билета.

  3. Вы говорите с другом об актерах и последних киноновинках.

  4. После похода в кинотеатр вы обмениваетесь впечатлениями о фильме со своим другом.

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