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III. Read, translate and reproduce the dialogues:

Dialogue 1.

At the Savoy restaurant:

Stanley: Let's study the menu now and see what's on it tonight.

Waiter: Good evening, gentlemen. Are you ready to order now?

Borisov: I'm afraid I don't understand the names of all dishes on the menu, Mr Stanley. Could you help me and recommend what to take?

Stanley: With pleasure. H-m-m, would you like mushroom soup?

Borisov: No, thank you. I seldom eat soup in the evening.

Stanley: Then you can order roast-beef with fried potatoes. It's a traditional English dish and it's usually delicious.

Borisov: Fine.

Waiter: How about you, sir?

Stanley: Well, I'm pretty hungry. I'll start with chicken soup, then I'd like a steak with green salad. And bring us a bottle of red wine, please.

Waiter: Would you like to order dessert now? There is a choice of fruit or ice-cream.

Borisov: I prefer fruit.

Stanley: So do I. What about some cheese?

Borisov: No cheese for me, thank you.

Stanley: I think I'll have some. And we'll finish with black coffee, if you don't mind.

Borisov: That sounds nice.

Waiter: Thank you, gentlemen. 1 hope you'll enjoy yourselves.

Dialogue 2.

P.: I say, Ben, how about having dinner together?

B.: Well, it’s just the right time. They serve good meals here and the prices are quite reasonable.

P.: I’ve already reserved a table. Come along!

B.: What shall we take?

P.: You know what I’d like? A typical English dinner.

B.: O. K., then. What about a juicy piece of roast beef, just slightly under­done and Yorkshire pudding?

P.: All right. I'll try that.

B.: Good. We'll have roast beef to begin with and Yorkshire pudding to follow.

W.: Very good. Any drinks, sir?

P.: I wouldn't mind having a brandy.

B.: Well, brandy and coffee for two.

B.: Waiter, how much is our bill?

W.: One pound and ten pence.

B.: Here's a five pound note.

W.: Three pounds and ninety change.

B.: Right. Thanks.

W.: Thank you.

Dialogue 3.

Mike: Hallo, Nick!

Nick: Hallo, Mike! I haven’t seen you for ages. Glad to see you again.

Mike: So am I. Let’s meet on Saturday. Mary and I have been to McDon­ald’s lately. The meals and beverages are fine. Let’s go there together.

Nick: They say that is not cheap, by the way.

Mike: Yes, it’s rather expensive but we can afford it now and then. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Nick: You’ve always been a gourmet. All right. I’ll call you and we’ll fix the time. See you soon.

(On Saturday afternoon the two couples enter the restaurant hall)

Girl: Good afternoon! What would you like to have?

Mike: We’d like lunch with «Big Mac».

Mary: No, Mike. I want lunch with «Fillet of Fish». I like fish, you know.

Ann: So do I. I haven’t had fish for long.

Mike: O. K. What about dessert?

Ann: I think special ice–cream with strawberry syrup for all. Yes, and don’t

forget about milk shakes, please. They are delicious.

Mary: What are we going to drink? I want to taste «Sprite».

Mike: «Sprite» for four, please.

IV. Ask your friend:

- сколько раз в день он (она) ест;

- предпочитает он (она) легкий завтрак или плотный;

- где он (она) обычно обедает;

- какие блюда предлагают в университетской столовой;

- большой ли выбор салатов в столовой;

- нравятся ли ему (ей) блюда из мяса, рыбы и какие;

- может ли он (она) описать свое любимое блюдо;

- какие соки и напитки он (она) предпочитает;

- какой десерт он (она) любит;

- кто готовит пищу и моет посуду в его (ее) семье.

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