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III. Read, translate and reproduce the dialogues: At the Inquiry office

  • Good morning.

  • Good morning, sir.

  • I’ve found from this time-table that there are several trains to Novosibirsk daily.

  • Yes, quite so.

  • Is there a sleeper on the overnight train which leaves at 11.45 p.m.?

  • Yes, the train has sleeping accommodation.

  • What time does the train get to Novosibirsk?

  • It’s due to arrive in Novosibirsk at 5.10 a.m. It usually runs on time.

  • Is there a dining car attached to this train?

  • Yes, of course.

  • Thank you for the information...

At the booking-office

  • I’d like two tickets to Moscow for tomorrow.

  • Which train?

  • The 23.15 fast train.

  • In a sleeper?

  • Yes, of course. And in a non-smoker, please.

  • Single or return?

  • Two return tickets, please.

  • Just a minute. Let me see. Yes, I can give you two upper berths in one compartment.

  • Can I have one lower berth?

  • No. There are only upper berths.

  • O.K. How much are they?

  • Two return tickets are 8000 rubles. Here they are.

  • Thank you.

* * *

  • Good morning, John! Where are you going?

  • Good morning, Mike! I’m going to the railway station.

  • Are you going anywhere?

  • Yes. I’m going to the Crimea for holidays.

  • Don’t you want to go there by train? It is so far. And it will take you a lot of time to get there by train.

  • Never mind. I like to travel by train.

  • And why don’t you want to go by plane?

  • It is very expensive for me to travel by plane. Besides, travelling by train you can see many picturesque places of the country you are travelling through.

  • But you will have to spend a lot of time with unknown people in one compartment.

  • You know, I like to make acquaintance with people. And I think I’ll have a good time speaking to them about different things.

  • Really? Then it’ll be better for you to go to the Crimea by train. Have a comfortable journey!

  • Thank you. Bye-bye!

IV. Answer the questions:

  1. Are you fond of travelling?

  2. What do people travel for?

  3. How do people living in the country spend their holidays?

  4. What do city dwellers usually like to do on the holidays?

  5. Why do people choose different means of travelling?

  6. Why do some people choose planes for travelling?

  7. Do you like to travel by train? Why?

  8. What are advantages of travelling by train?

  9. What are advantages of travelling by plane?

  10. Would you like to go on a big ocean cruise? Why?

  11. Why can it be convenient to travel by car?

  12. If you could spend a hiking holiday wherever you like, what place would you choose?

V. Ask your friend:

- какой вид путешествия он предпочитает;

- где можно купить билеты;

- ездил ли он в морской круиз;

- хочет ли он попробовать пищу другой страны;

- страдает ли он от морской болезни;

- любит он путешествовать по делу или ради удовольствия;

- почему многие люди предпочитают пеший туризм;

- хочет ли он съездить в другую страну;

- куда бы он хотел поехать в отпуск, если бы он жил за городом;

- покупает он билет в один конец или туда и обратно, когда едет куда-нибудь в отпуск.

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