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Ministry of health of ukraine

Fight Kharkiv National Medical University and fore



on the methodical meeting Department of Oncology

Head of Department

MD, professor Starikov VI

' 28 "August 2011



A methodical DEVELOPMENT

For teachers with practical lessons  


Course 5

Faculty of Medicine (specialty "General Medicine", "Pediatrics", "Prophylactic medicine")

Study Subject: Oncology

Module number 1

Content module № 1

Subject: № 5. Lung cancer, tumors of the mediastinum.

number of training hours - 5











Kharkiv November 20

I. Background.

One of the most pressing problems of clinical oncology today is the problem of diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. With rare meeting is at my dis ing the early twentieth century, lung cancer has become most widespread in human tumors to the XXI century.

Today in the structure of cancer incidence, lung cancer ranks first. Over the past 20 years, lung cancer incidence in Ukraine grew weakly at more than 2 times. Our country is put to the states with the highest incidence lung cancer, it accounts for 15.3% of all cancer patients. The highest incidence recorded in the industrialized regions of Donetsk, Mykolayiv, Kharkiv.

Male and tion in patients 7-8 times more often than women.

The most tragic aspect that characterizes cancer LEG problem is not, there is a constant increase in mortality. According to O in C, with 4.5 million deaths, and challenge them in creative new malignant ennyamy, recorded worldwide every year, more than 1 million accounts for patients who die from lung cancer.

Ongoing steady incidence can speak about the epidemic nature of the disease. In connection with this problem of cancer gene l is long gone beyond clinical oncology and become social problems is mine. This disease has all the most unfavorable characteristics of malignant tumors, including long baa from the village and mptomnyy period flow, elimination t ness pathognomonic symptoms is rapid lymphogenous and hematogenous met and stazuvannya.

Awareness of these factors should lead etiolohichnyh stud e NTA on the impermissibility of bad habits i interviews among the population. Necessary knowledge of possibilities of surgery, radiation therapy to cure cancer specified location.


II. Study objective: To raise the level of theoretical and practical knowledge in the art dents on prevention, Pathology, clinical, clinical course, complications, diagnosis, differential diagnostics and modern spetslikuvannya lung cancer and mediastinal tumors.


Clinical picture of precancer lung cancer and mediastinal tumors.

Classification, clinical manifestations, complications, diagnosis of lung cancer and pu x lyn mediastinum.

Methods for combined treatment of lung cancer and mediastinal tumors.

Be able to:

1. On the basis of complaints, anamnesis, objective research, to identify the main syndromes of lung cancer tumors and tumors of the mediastinum, put a preliminary diagnosis. 2. Appoint additional examination methods and evaluate their data 3. Conduct differential diagnostics, to put the final diagnosis. 4. Appoint treatment 5. To carry out rehabilitation and preventive measures

III. Educational objective: to promote the education of students on ethics principles cancer specific clinical examples.

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