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I would like to thank Ani Lorak for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk with me.

Ksenia Delegei

Interview with Alexander Domogarov

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! It is “One Minute with a Star” and today Alexander Domogarov is our guest! Let’s greet him!

Hello, Alexander.

– Hello.

- When and where were you born?

- I was born on July, the 12th 1963 in Moscow.

- I know that, at the beginning, you have never dreamt of going to a stage despite having an actor father. Why? What did you want to be?

- I didn’t see myself as an actor, that’s why I was going to be an engineer. Then I understood that it wasn’t my calling.

- What theatre school did you manage to enter?

- I decided to go to a prestigious Shepkin Theatre School and entered on the first try.

- And where did you make your first stage debut?

- I made it in the Maly State Academic Theatre, known for its traditions.

- What theatrical roles did you play?

- A variety of roles! It includes Macbeth, Vaclav Nijinsky in “Nijinsky, God’s Crazy Clown” (an American play), Syrano de Bergerac etc.

- Who wrote “Nijinsky…”?

- An American playwright Glenn Blamstein.

By the way, you’re known as a great cinema actor. How many films have you starred at?

- I’ve starred at more than 20 films and TV series.

- Alexander, tell us a little about your cinema roles, please. What film brought you all-Russian fame and success?

- It was “Countess de Monsoreau”, 1997. It became a popular Russian TV series, based on the novel of Alexander Dumas pere.

- Who did you play in it?

- I played a noble, handsome count Bussy d’Amboise.

- Can you tell us anything else about your cinema roles?

- In 2000, I played in Polish historical epic “With Fire and Sword” based on Henryc Senkevich’s novel. It was filmed by a cult Polish director Jerzhy Hoffman. I portrayed there a dashing Cossack chieftain Bogun.

- And then you won an international acclaim… What actresses and actors were your partners in films? Can you name?

- Yes, I can. In “Countess de Monsoreau” it was Gabriella Mariani, Mihal Zhebrovsky and Isabella Scorupco in “With Fire and Sword”. I also starred with Maria Poroshina, Dmitriy Haratian, Marina Alexandrova, Alexei Gorbunov and others.

- In the most parts you portray a hero, and there is a small number of them, where your character is a bad person. What characters do you like to play?

- Being a hero in movies isn’t bad, but I’m trying to break out this macho type. And sometime I suddenly realize that playing bad characters is more exciting.

- How many instruments do you play? What are they?

- I can play two instruments – guitar and piano.

- And, at last. What’s your dream movie role and what’s your dream theatre one?

- My dream movie role is Zorro and the dream theatre one is Hamlet.

Thanks for the interview, Alexander.

Dear audience, it was “One Minute with a Star” and Alexander Domogarov wasbour guest. See you next Wednesday, bye!

Kate Khodykina

Interview with Amy Lynn Hartzler

I’d like to interview the front woman of my favourite group called “Evanescence”

-What is your full name?

-My full name is Amy Lynn Hartzler, but I’m known as Amy Lee.

-Where and when were you born?

-I was born on 13 of December, 1981 in Riverside.

-What can you tell about your childhood?

-When I was 6, my younger sister died. It was the darkest episode of my life. But my childhood can be called unclouded. Sometimes I even needed some bloody scenes. I stained myself with ketchup and cried, but my mother didn’t believe me.

-Are your blue eyes by your nature?

-No. I have green eyes and light brown hair, but I wear blue lenses and dye hair.

-What do you like?

-I like the chocolate, coconut, Steve Wander and Christina Aguilera.

-And what about things you hate?

-I hate Britney Spears, doing make up, shoes with heels, smoking and octopuses.

-Do you want to live in past?

-Yes, I do. I’d like to live in 17 century. There were a lot of diseases, but what the beautiful clothes they had!

-How do you spend your free time?

-At leisure I like listening to classic music, watching old films and painting.

-How did your group appear?

-Our group was created by the guitarist Ben Mudy and me. But he betrayed “Evanescence”. He left us on the concert tour and I became the leader.

-Do you want to be an idol for someone?

-No, I don’t. It is wildly for me. Creating songs is the therapy for me. And I have never wanted to earn fame and to be the god for somebody. On my mind only schoolgirls can dream about it.

-When the popularity leaves, a lot of women undress to return it. Will you ever do it?

-No! Ill never do it, I swear!!!

Marina Kaidalova

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