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Presidium of the supreme soviet

OF (name of country)


the King / Queen / Of (name of country)

Your Majesty

/Your (Royal) Highness/,

The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of (name of country) has decided to give citizen X. another appointment, having recalled him from the post of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipoten­tiary of (name of country) to (name of country).

Being confident that citizen X. has invariably contributed to the maintenance of friendly relations so happily existing between our

countries, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of (name of country) requests You, Your Majesty /Your (Royal) Highness/, to receive favourably his Letters of Recall.

(city) …………………………………..

5 June 19__


of the Presidium of the Supreme

Soviet of (name of country)


Minister for Foreign Affairs

Of (name of country)


/. Read the text and answer the checkup questions.

I. What is the usual practice of applying for agrement? 2. When is the appointment of a diplomatic envoy made public? 3.What is a "true copy" of the credentials? When is it delivered? 4. Which document accredits a new head of mission to the head of state requesting faith and credence in the former's statements? 5. Why should a charge d'affaires call on the Dean of the diplomatic corps before the arrival of the newly appointed ambassador? 6. What is considered an official recognition of an ambassador or a minister plenipotentiary? 7.When are the letters of credence usually presented?

//. Complete the following sentences using the required information mom the above text.

I. A new head of mission is provided by the government with .... 2. The Betters of credence confer upon a foreign envoy .... 3. In most states, the presentation of credentials by a diplomatic representative implies____4. In certain states, the presentation of credentials addressed by head of state to head of state does not carry with it... .5. A new diplomatic agent must be considered incognito until.... 6. The letters of recall are presented by the head of mission on the occasion of... . 7. The Minister for Foreign Affairs receives a new head of mission for.... 8. When a copy of the cre­dentials of a new head of mission has been examined and found correct....

III. * Suggest the Russian for:

I) the delivery of the copie d'usage of one's credentials; 2) the letters of recall of one's predecessor; 3) an official recognition; 4) the reception, by the head of state of an ambassador; 5) recognition de jure of a provisional government; 6) at the time of presentation; 7) in accordance with a local custom; 8) in the order of arrival; 9) in substance as well as in form; 10) to announce the arrival of a new head of mission; 11) to arrange an audience for the new head of mission with the head of state; 12) to ascertain protocol requirements.

IV. Study the texts in exhibits 73 and 74, point out words and ph pertaining to the formal style.

V. * Memorize the phrases below, suggest their Russian equivalents,

1) to contribute to the maintenance of the friendly relations so happily existing between the two countries; 2) to give smb another appointment 3) to recall smb from the post of Ambassador Extraordinary an Plenipotentiary; 4) to receive favourably one's Letters of Recall.

VI. Point out the mot in the words "credence" and "credentials", given few derivatives with this root.

VII. * Suggest the English for:

I) вручение верительных грамот; 2) заслуживающий доверия; 3) ман­дат (удостоверение личности); 4) мандатная комиссия; 5) политические убеждения; 6) рекомендательное письмо; 7) человек, пользующийся хорошей репутацией; 8) делать кому-л. честь; 9) вручать верительные грамоты; 10) оказать кому-л. Доверие.

II) отказать в доверии; 12) потерять доверие.

VIII.* Study the use of italicized words in different phrases. Suggest their Russian equivalents.


~ act; ~ activity; ~ agent; ~ bag; ~ circles; ~ contacts; ~ corps; ~ courier; ~ identity card; ~ immunity; ~ intercourse; - mail; ~ mission; ~ law; ~ personnel; ~ pouch; ~ practice; ~ privileges; ~ recognition; ~ relations; ж representative; ~ service; ~ sources; ~ status; through ~ channels.