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Государственное образовательное учреждение высшего профессионального образования



Филиал в г. Калининграде

Кафедра гуманитарных и социально-экономических дисциплин

Контрольные задания № 6 по английскому языку

для студентов III курса заочной формы обучения

для всех специальностей

Составитель: Зезюлькина Н.Ю.

Калининград 2013

Перевод текста, выполненный с помощью Google translator или любой другой программы – переводчик, будет возвращен на доработку!!!

Вариант 1

Выполняется студентами с четными номерами зачетных книжек

  1. Выберите правильный вариант и перепишите предложение:

  1. If I miss/I’ll miss the bus this afternoon, I’ll get the taxi instead.

  2. We’ll have to go without John if he doesn’t arrive/ he won’t arrive soon.

  3. They won’t refund/didn’t refund your money if you haven’t kept your receipt.

  4. Will you send me a postcard when you reach/ you’ll reach Mexico?

  5. If I make some coffee, do you cut/will you cut the cake?

  6. Did you work/Would you work harder if you were better paid?

  7. If you don’t complain/didn’t complain so much, you might be more popular.

  8. Weren’t my friends/Wouldn’t my friends be envious if they could only see me now!

  1. Глагол с –ing или инфинитив? Допишите предложения, используя собственные идеи.

  1. I don’t get on with the new boss, so I’ve asked ______(transfer) to another branch of the company.

  2. Please stop __________ (interrupt) me when I’m explaining something to you. You can ask questions at the end.

  3. He admits__________ (enter) the house, but he says he didn’t take anything.

  4. What a dreadful man! Can you imagine _______(live) with him?

  5. You should take regular exercise instead of________________________.

  6. You can’t earn a lot of money by_______________________.

  7. It’s rude to borrow people’s things without___________.

  8. You must always thank people for_____________.

  1. Выберите верный вариант ответа.

Career advice for junior managers

Junior managers who _____a promotion often face many problems when they have more authority and responsibility.

This is partly because everyone expects them to perform extremely high________. In addition, many of their_______and collegues are always ready to criticize any serious mistake they may _________.

What advice can we give to young managers, then? First of all, they should have______ in their own skills and abilities. If they are not sure that they can succeed, they are less likely to perform competently. They should also______ their progress regularly.

Secondly, they should_____themselves ambitious goals so that through hard work and commitment to the company they can in fact_______them sooner than is expected of them.

That is how they can_______both personal and professional success.

1 a) results b) conclusions c) statistics

2 a) revenue b) cash flow c) share

3 a) asset b) increase c) advantage

4 a) trend b) benefit c) growth

5 a) customers b) buyers c) workforce

6 a) turnover b) subsidiary c) performance

7 a) producers b) shareholders c) stockbrokers

  1. Письменно переведите текст

Вариант 2

Выполняется студентами c нечетными номерами зачетных книжек

  1. Раскройте скобки, употребив правильную форму глагола

  1. If I had more money, ____________________(you/marry/me)?

  2. He wouldn’t help you if_____________(he/not/like) you.

  3. ___________(you/find) the machine is quite simple to operete if you look at the manual.

  4. _______(your parents/not/be) proud if they could see you now?

  5. If______(I/not/revise) thoroughly, I may fail my test.

  6. If you wanted to buy someone a really good present, what sort of thing ______ (you/look for)?

  7. Sally would have a lot more friends if _______(she/not/be) so mean.

  8. How _____(you/feel) if you were in my situation.

  1. Глагол с –ing или инфинитив? Раскройте скобки. Допишите предложения, используя собственные идеи.

  1. I’ve forgotten_______(bring) my briefcase with me. I’ll have to go back for it.

  2. We had hoped_______(live) in our new house by now, but the builders are still working on it.

  3. I don’t mind________ (work) late if it will help at all.

  4. You’ll just have to find a job. I simply can’t afford_______ (support) you any longer.

  5. You mustn’t insist on_______________.

  6. It’s wrong to make accusations without______________.

  7. It’s good manners to apologise for _____________.

  8. You should fill up with petrol before___________.

III. Выберите верный вариант ответа.

Annual report

“Alfitel” is committed to creating and delivering value – value to its customers, value to its employees and value to the region. Our success in moving towards this goal is most evident in the financial ______for this year. Our ____ at the close of the year was 140 million euros; that is an________ of 12% over the previous year. This strong _______in a rather difficult year for the economy shows the value of the service the company provides to its__________. It also shows the commitment of its staff to this goal.

The pre-tax profit was 15.6 million euros, while the profit after tax was 8.8 million, which is 11% above that for the previous year.

I would like to congratulate our staff on their outstanding ____________.

Finally, we all thank you, the _________, for your continuing support of the company.

1 a) results b) conclusions c) statistics

2 a) revenue b) cash flow c) share

3 a) asset b) increase c) advantage

4 a) trend b) benefit c) growth

5 a) customers b) buyers c) workforce

6 a) turnover b) subsidiary c) performance

  1. a) producers b) shareholders c) stockbrokers

IV. Письменно переведите текст