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Captain's receipt for Shipping Documents

I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I received the following shipping docu­ments covering the above cargo shipped by my vessel:

All the above mentioned documents have been sent in Master's bag.

Master of m/v _____________





Notify address Mate's Receipt

Pre-carriage by Place of receipt

Shipowner Flag

Vessel Port of loading

Port of discharge Final destination (if on-carriage) Number of Orig.M/R

Marks and numbers Kind of packages and Number of Gross weight

Description of goods pieces measurement


I. Read the text and answer the checkup questions.

I. How do countries benefit from international trade? 2. What do countries usually sell and purchase? 3. What has been considered a primary instrument for development? 4. What commercial policy can be considered opposite lo free trade? 5. How can a country's position in international trade be examined? 6. What main accounts does the balance of payments consist of? 7. Why are export documents so important for the movement of goods?

//. Complete the following sentences using the required information from Ihe above text.

I. Countries trade with each other because ... . 2. Trade also had a social impact by bringing .... 3. In the course of historical development, one can observe .... 4. The middle of the nineteenth century witnessed .... 5. A "nega­tive" balance of trade occurs when ... .6. The capital account deals with .... 7. In addition, overseas governments may apply controls which restrict... .

///. Memorize the phrases below, suggest their Russian equivalents.

I. a capital account; 2. a current account; 3. economic well-being; 4. fluctu­ations in exchange rate; 5. a hallmark of world trade; 6. a primary vehicle for development; 7. recurrent swings in commercial policy; 8. to accelerate economic growth; 9. to generate employment; 10. to have a social impact on; 11. to impose tariffs; 12. to pursue highly restrictive policies; 13. to regulate foreign trade; 14. to surpass the growth rates.

IV*. Study the use of italicized words in different phrases, suggest their Russian equivalents.


active ~; bear ~; black ~; bond ~; bull ~; capital ~; commodity ~; erratic(al) ~; exchange ~; external ~; financial ~; forward ~; futures ~; grey-; home-; international-; job-; labour-; loan-; merchandise ~; money ~; option ~; over-the-counter ~; primary ~; real estate ~; secondary ~; securities ~; spot ~; stock ~; world - .


barter ~; cash ~; external ~; fair ~; foreign ~; home ~; illicit~; intermediate ~; internal ~; retail ~; wholesale ~; to promote ~; to restrict


floor ~; petty ~; pit ~ .

V. Suggest the English for:

1) рынок с тенденцией к снижению курсов; 2) рынок с тенденции к повышению курсов; 3) товарная биржа; 4) рынок по сделкам на срок; 5) внутренний рынок; 6) внебиржевой рынок; 7) рынок ценных бумаг; 8) торговля за наличные; 9) торговля на основе взаимной выгоды; 10) контрабандная торговля; 11) розничная торговля; 12) ограничивать торговлю; 13) биржевой маклер.

VI. Read and translate the text. Consult exhibits 86 to 105.