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12. Глагольное подлежащее

  1. Mention has been made of a new material

  2. Application should be made by post.

  3. Use is made of a new machine.

  4. Advantage has been taken of these factors.

13. Эллиптические конструкции

  1. The students have very limited, if any, opportunity to speak Russian outside of school. ("The Modern Language Journal")

  2. Sacco and Vancetti were electrocuted many years ago. The intervening time has enhanced, if anything, the importance of the

case. ("The Nation")

  1. Harriman, the head of the ticket was, if anything, an even more ardent upholder of the cold war line than his opponent. ("The Worker)

  2. On the whole, Canada appears to have shown much wisdom in developing its end of the expanding neighbourly relationship with the U.S. Rather than inhibiting Ottawa's world position, the process has, if anything, increased it. ("The New York Times")

  3. I do not believe for one moment that a merger of our armed services would save the taxpayer one thin dime. If anything, I am sure that merger might bring about greater expenditure.

  4. In general she has changed little, if at all, in the two years of her absence.

  5. The inhabitants of his real saw him, if at all, only in passing.

  6. Some 2 billion people — three quarters of the world's population - speak languages that are rarely, if ever, taught in the U.S. ("The Modern Language Journal")


  1. Thus the U.S. was under pressure to come forward with a serious reply to the Russian proposals — if only for the sake of public opinion in an apprehensive world. ("The New Times")

  2. With French consent, the United States was becoming officially involved for the first time in the Algerian question, if only, on its fringes. ("The New York Times")

  3. Under no circumstances must the Labour movement permit divisions to arise between workers, whatever the colour of their skin. In strike after strike — with the London bus strike as the most recent example — the coloured workers have stood firm with their colleagues against the boss.("DW")

  4. Whatever the outcome, the emphasis of both parties is more on "liberal" candidates. ("The Times")

14. Двузначные глаголы

  1. But the Volga cascade pales into insignificance beside the new schema for tapping the electric power resources of Russian rivers like the Ob, the Yenisei, the Angara and others in Siberia. (" DW")

  2. We are not in all truth, big enough or powerful enough to simply scare the world into adopting our image of what it ought to be. (" Wall Street Journal")

  3. Anti-labour legislation in California, Ohio, Washington, Idaho, Colorado and Kansas, helped to string Labour into activity in these and other States but that alone is not the answer. ("DW")

  4. There is danger in the very fact that we are becoming accustomed to the idea of the bomb. We have lived with it for so long that we may be lulled into a feeling that there is no harm in living with it for ever. ("The Times")

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