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5. Газетные заголовки

Part I. Dead serious:

  1. Whither Modern Medicine?

  2. Why Polar Expedition?

  3. Steam Versus Electric Locomotives.

  4. Anglo-French Drive in Egypt Halted.

  5. Stay-in-Strikers at Chicago to Crush Bosses.

  6. 1000 British Aircraft Stop Work.

  7. Manchester Ship Canal Reconstruction.

  8. Portrait Exhibition Opening in New Orleans.

  9. Ford Automobile Repair Shop Organization.


  1. More Arms in Italy's Budget.

  2. Metal Works Reorganization Conference at Montreal.

  3. Physical Conference to Open Tomorrow in Chicago.

  4. Lorry Crushes into Shop-Window.

  5. Australia Adds to Fleet.

  6. Terrible Plight of Unemployed Miner. Family Living in Tent.

  7. Homes Smashed from Bombing Plane.

  8. Rise of Electric Traction. Electric Locomotives Cheaper and More Effective.

  9. Industrial Power Plant Modernization.

  10. Coal Handling Problems at Electric Stations.

  11. Electrical Features of Kansas City Water Works.

  12. Soil Water Supply Important for Subtropical Plants.

  13. Norwegian Tug-Boat on Fire. Crew Saved by Soviet Sporting Yacht.

  14. Maiden Speech of New M.P.Criticizes Premier.

Part II. Have a smile:

Юмористический эффект помимо воли авторов данных газетных заголовков вызывается многозначностью слов (полисемией) и усиливается из-за особенностей газетного стиля подачи информации в заголовках.

  1. Farmer Bill Dies in House.

  2. Lawyers Give Poor Free Legal Advice.

  3. Lawmen From Mexico Barbecue Guests.

  4. Juvenile Court to Try Shooters.

  5. Defendant, Speech Ends in Long Sentence.

  6. Stolen Painting Found by Tree.

  7. Hitler, Nazi Papers Found in Attic.

  8. Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim.

  9. Asbestos Suit Pressed.

  10. Deaf Mute Gets New Hearing in Killing.

  11. Men Recommend More Clubs for Wives.

  12. Milk Drinkers Are Turning to Powder.


Задание: Что означают эти хрестоматийные заголовки?

  1. Big Apple Goes Bananas. (Нью-Йорк сходит с ума)

  2. Dick Digs Pig Pix.

(Ричард Никсон обожает полицейские фильмы)

6. Полугерундий

  1. The Lebanese crisis ended after all with the American troops going home. ("DW")

  2. We have not yet heard of a budget being swollen to such an extent — and all to the detriment of the working masses. ("DW")

  3. Socialism is thrown in at the end, probably as an afterthought, and is defined as "mutual service"! Not a word about the working class taking over the ownership of the factories, land and wealth of the country. ("DW")

  4. Dr. Adenauer and his Foreign Minister are concerned about Bonn being cold-shouldered by the three West Powers at the forthcoming Foreign Ministers' talks in Paris, which West Germany will attend only in a consultative capacity. ("DW")

  5. Bonn wants the meetings to stop any of the allies drifting towards

dealings with the German Democratic Republic. ("DW")

7. Именительный падеж с инфинитивом (Nominative with the Infinitive)

  1. Premier Nkrumah of Ghana is expected to visit India in December. ("DW")

  2. French car production this year is expected to hit the million mark. Exports are expected to top last year's 250,000. ("DW")

  3. In talks with General de Gaulle in Paris yesterday, Mr.Dulles is believed to have urged his closer co-operation with the Western Powers. The installation of missile bases on French soil was reported to be the main issue under discussion. ("'DW")

  4. Five British vessels were reported trapped by ice yesterday on the St.Lawrence River. ("DW")

  5. Poland and the U.S. are understood to have agreed in principle to re open consular offices. ("DW")

  6. The Brussels exhibition is known to have been visited by 41 million people. ("DW")


  1. The Benelux countries are understood to have put their compromise proposals to their Common Market partners, West Germany and Italy, after extending them to Britain and other OEEC member States. ("DW")

  2. The Ghana Government also announced the removal from office of Mr. S.I.Iddrisu, M.P., who as Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Information is alleged to have written a letter to the company approving the concession. He was in no way authorized to write any such letters, the Government said. ("DW")

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