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Part II. 5th year, summer term

Module 1. Grammar topic 1.1

Revision of all tenses and aspects of the english verb (active voice)

Placement test

Use any appropriate tense for the verbs in parenthesis.

  1. Only five of us (work) ______ in the laboratory yesterday when the explosion (occur) ______. Luckily, no one (hurt) ______.

  2. The weather (be) _______ terrible lately. It (rain) ________ off and on for two days and the temperature (drop) ______ at least twenty degrees.

  3. Just three days ago the sun (shine) _________ and the weather was pleasant.

  4. The weather certainly (change) __________quickly here. I never know what to expect. – Who knows? When I (wake up) _________ tomorrow morning, maybe it (snow) _______.

  5. About three yesterday afternoon Jessica (lie) ___________in bed reading a book. Suddenly she (hear) _________ a loud noise and (get up) _________to see what it was. She (look) ________ out of the window. A truck (back, just) _____________ into her new car!

  6. How long (you, be) _____ here? - I (be) ________ here since the beginning of August. Actually, I (arrive) _________ in the USA six months ago, but I (study) ___________ English at this university only since January.

  7. You (speak) __________ English very well. (You, study) _____ a lot of English before you (come)______ here?

  8. I (receive) ___ your letter about two weeks ago and (try) ___ to find time to write you back ever since.

  9. Yesterday the wind (blow) ___ my hat off my head. I had to chase it down the street. I not, want) ___ to lose it because it’s my favourite hat and it (cost) ___ a lot.

  10. Just as I (get) ___ to an interesting part of the story, the telephone rang.

Task 1. Error analysis. All of the following sentences are taken from student writing and contain typical errors. See how many of these errors you can find and correct.

  1. I am living at 33 Grand Avenue since last September.

  2. I have been in New York City two weeks ago.

  3. My country have change its capital city five time.

  4. Dormitory life is not quiet. Everyone shouted and make a lot of noise in the halls.

  5. My friends will meet me when I will arrive at the airport.

  6. Hasn’t anyone ever tell you to knock on the door before you enter someone else’s room? Didn’t your parents taught you to do that?

  7. When I was a child, I viewed thing from a much lower height. Many physical objects around me appear very large. When I want to move something such as a chair I need help.

  8. I will intend to go home when I will finish my education.

  9. The phone rung while I doing the dishes. I dry my hands and answer it. When I am hear my husband voice, I very happy.

  10. I am in the United States for the last four months. During this time I had done many things and saw many places.

  11. When the old man started to walk back to his cave, the sun has already hided itself behind the mountain.

  12. While I am writing my composition last night, someone knocks on the door.

  13. I am interesting in his ideas.

  14. How many peoples have you been invited to the party?

  15. I didn’t go to dinner with them because I had already been eaten.

  16. When we were children, we are very afraid of caterpillars. Whenever we saw one of these monsters, we run to our house before the caterpillars could attack us. I am still scare when I saw a caterpillar close to me.

Task 2. Use any appropriate tense for the verbs in parenthesis.

  1. How long (you, be) _____ here? - I (be) ________ here since the beginning of August. Actually, I (arrive) _________ in the USA six months ago, but I (study) ___________ English at this university only since January.

  2. He ended the conversation saying that he probably (make) ___ a mistake.

  3. Please, go and ask her if she (stay) ___ for supper and (meet) ___the family.

  4. You (speak) __________ English very well. (You, study) _____ a lot of English before you (come)______ here?

  5. I (receive) ___ your letter about two weeks ago and (try) ___ to find time to write you back ever since.

  6. While the girl (read) ___ the letter, he (come) up to the window and (wait) ___.

  7. I don’t know what’s the matter with him. He (act) ___ strangely since you (leave) ___.

  8. She told me last night that she (go) ___ swimming if she (wake up) ___ early.

  9. Yesterday the wind (blow) ___ my hat off my head. I had to chase it down the street. I (not, want) ___ to lose it because it’s my favourite hat and it (cost) ___ a lot.

  10. He watched Jack while the film (run) ___.

  11. I could not tell him that I (spend) ___ the money I (leave) ___ to buy a house.

  12. I’ll (drop) ___ you a note after I (see) ___ Paul.

  13. If you come back in about fifteen minutes, Jack and I (finish) ___ our work.

  14. She said that she (met) ___ her father on her way home.

  15. When I looked into the room, Francis ( still, work) ___ .

Task 3. Discuss the meaning of the verb forms by reading the following pairs of sentences and then answering the question.

  1. a. Dan was leaving the room when I walked in.

b. Sam had left the room when I walked in.

Who did I run into when I walked into the room?

  1. a. When the rain stopped, Gloria was riding her bicycle to work.

b. When the rain stopped, Paul rode his bicycle to work.

Who got wet on the way to work?

  1. a. Dick went to the store because he was running out of food.

b. Ann went to the store because she had run out of food.

  1. a. Ms. Lincoln taught at this school for nine years.

b. Mr. Sanchez has taught at this school for nine years.

Who is teaching at this school now?

  1. a. Alice was walking to the door when the doorbell rang.

b. George walked to the door when the doorbell rang.

Who expected the doorbell to ring?

  1. a. When I got there Mary had eaten.

b. When I got there Joe ate.

Who was still hungry when I got there?

  1. a. Don lived in Chicago for ten years.

b. Carlos has been living in Chicago for five years.

Who’s still living in Chicago?

  1. a. Jane put some lotion on her face because she had been lying in the sun.

b. Sue put some lotion on her face because she was lying in the sun.

Who put lotion on her face after she stood up?

  1. a. I looked across the street. Mr. Fox was waving at me.

b. I looked across the street. Mrs. Cook waved at me.

Who began to wave at me before I looked across the street?

Task 4. PRACTICE TRANSLATION. Translate from Russian (A)/Ukrainian (B) into English. Pay attention to the use of tenses and aspects of the English verb.


  1. Необходимо срочно послать за педиатром. У ребенка уже три дня сильный кашель, а сегодня у него поднялась температура. – Как ты думаешь, где он мог простудиться, - На днях мы с племянниками ходили на каток. Было холодно -12. Когда мы вернулись домой, мне показалось, что он сильно замерз. Не успел я дать ему какао с молоком, как он сразу же уснул.

  2. Машин зятьев не было видно. Я подумал, что они уехали на стадион, где играла их любимая команда «Челси». Они уже много лет болели за неё. Я знал, что, если «Челси» выиграет, то они оба вернутся поздно, а если проиграют или если матч закончится вничью, они вернутся домой в скверном настроении. Бесполезно спорить и доказывать им, что футбол – не самое важное в жизни – ни Марк, ни Том не согласны с этим.

  3. Ты знаешь, что Петерсы купили парикмахерскую? – Нет еще. А кто там будет работать? Анна будет делать прически, Алиса будет красить волосы клиентов, а их отец будет бухгалтером. – Тогда я с трудом верю, что они заработают деньги! А деньги – самое важное для них сейчас, если они хотят выплатить все долги.

  4. Какая ужасная погода! На улице сыро, грязно, вот-вот пойдет снег! Пронизывающий северный ветер дует уже три дня, а на подоконнике у меня расцвел нарцисс. Это дивное зрелище!

  5. В следующем году исполнится 30 лет, как мои бабушка и дедушка женаты! Они уже пожилые люди, но все еще любят друг друга. – Но у них ведь никогда не было желания развестись, правда? – Нет, было, когда их старший сын был ранен в бою в Афганистане, но они сумели сберечь семью.

  6. Твоего знакомого разыскивает полиция. Если ты увидишь его, передай, что ему бы лучше чистосердечно во всем признаться самому. И запомни, что помогать преступникам незаконно!

  7. Где ты был вчера? – В гостях у сестры. Она с мужем только что вернулись со Средиземного моря. – А куда именно они ездили? – В морское путешествие по разным странам. Они уже много лет мечтали об этом и копили деньги на этот круиз.


  1. Необхідно терміново послати за педіатром. У дитини вже три дні сильний кашель, а сьогодні у неї піднялася температура. – Як ти думаєш, де він міг застудитися? – На днях ми з племінниками ходили на ковзанку. Було холодно -12. Коли ми повернулися додому, мені здалося, що він сильно замерз. Не встиг я дати йому какао з молоком, як він відразу ж заснув.

  2. Машин зятів не було видно. Я подумав, що втни поїхали на стадіон – грала їхня улюблена команді «Челсі». Вони вже багато років вболівали за неї. Я знав, що, якщо «Челсі» виграє, то вони обидва повернуться пізно, а якщо програє або якщо матч закінчиться внічию, вони повернуться додому в поганому настрої. Марно сперечатися і доводити їм, що футбол – не найважливіше у житті – ні Марк, ні Том не згодні з цим.

  3. Ти знаєш, що Петерси купили перукарню? – Ще ні. А хто там працюватиме? Ганна робитиме зачіски, Аліса фарбуватиме волосся клієнтів, а їх батько буде бухгалтером. – Тоді мені майже не віриться, що вони зароблять гроші! А гроші – найважливіше для них зараз, якщо вони хочуть виплатити всі свої борги.

  4. Яка жахлива погода! На вулиці сиро, брудно, ось-ось піде сніг. Пронизливий північний вітер дме вже три дні, а на підвіконні у мене розцвів нарцис. Це чудове видовище!

  5. Наступного року буде 30 років, як мої бабуся і дедусь одружені. Вони вже літні люди, але все ще люблять один одного. – Але у них же ніколи не було бажання розлучитися, чи не так? – Ні, було, коли їхній старший син був поранений у бою в Афганістані, але вони зуміли зберегти сім’ю.

  6. Твого знайомого розшукує поліція. Якщо ти побачиш його, передай, що йому б краще щиросердо у всьому зізнатися самому. І запам’ятай, що допомагати злочинцям незаконно!

  7. Де ти був учора? – В гостях у сестри. Вонна з чоловіком тільки що повернулися з Середземного моря. – А куди саме вони їздили? – В морську подорож по різних країнах. Вони вже багато років мріяли про це і копили гроші на круїз.

Task 5.* Talking about grammar.

  1. It’s a boy! And it’s just like his father! Congratulations!

What are you going to call …?

  1. -When did you enter the country?

-While we were arguing about my visa, I reckon.

-I see, and how long did you stay in Cairo?

-On March the fourth.

-And when did you visit Luxor?

-Since the fourth of March.

-So how long have you been staying in Egypt?

-Over the weekend.

-And when does your plane leave?

-For three weeks.

Help the tourist and the immigration official to sort themselves out: it’s the tourist who is muddled up!

  1. Sebastian was in the lead up to the last moment.

Who won the race?

  1. Take a tablet on Monday, and then every other day.

How many tablets will you have taken by next Monday?

  1. He smokes too much.

I’ll say, I replied conversationally. “He smokes …

  1. There are ten books. All the books cost ten pounds. Every book costs …

Is there only one answer?

  1. Bananas are black.

The bananas are black.

Are these sentences acceptable?

8. -When did we last have the house painted?

-Two years …

-When shall we have it painted again?

-Two years …

9. So I hit him on the nose and he … to the ground.

Why can we use either fell or falls?

10.Whereas the optimist hopes that things are getting better, the pessimist …

11.Give me your answer sheet.

But …

Protest in two ways using already and yet.

12.Because the roof … needed repairing, he worked … to mend it, but he … enjoyed the task.

13.Try hard, thoroughly, badly.

14.I thought of you and smiled.

I thought about you and smiled.

Which is more flattering?

15.What on earth are you doing?

What are you doing on earth?

The same thing?

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