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  1. Reading Exercises:

Exercise 1. Read and memorize using a dictionary:

to absorb, to permeate, probabilistic, engineering, acquisition, retrieval, dissemination, search engine, sophisticated, to run organizations, query, approach, confine, keyword searching, to seek, precision, artificial intelligence

Exercise 2. Answer the questions:

  1. What does information science deal with?

  2. What does the term “information processing” refer to?

  3. What information-processing tools do you know?

  4. When did keyword searching become the dominant approach to text retrieval?

  5. What is data processing?

  6. What does data processing include?

Exercise 3. Are these sentences true or false?

  1. Information science is a program that deals with the processes of storing and transferring information.

  2. Software is the study of computers, their design, and their uses for computation.

  3. Data processing is manipulation of data by probabilistic techniques.

  4. Computer systems are large and complicated.

  5. Keyword searching is matching words in the query against the database index.

Exercise 4. Match the left part with the right:

1 An Internet search engine is

a) locating and capturing information.

2. Information retreival is

b) an example of an information-processing tool.

3. Information processing consists of

c) theory, mathematical activities such as design and analysis of algorithms.

4. Computer science encompasses

d) recovery of information, especially in a database stored in a computer.


II. Speaking Exercises:

Exercise 1. Define the terms using the suggested words and expressions as in example:

Information science

Information retreival

Data processing (a)

Computer science

Data processing (b)

discipline, deals with, processes, storing,transferring, information

recovery, information, database, computer

manipulation, data,



study, computers, computation, systems control, development, hardware, software, programming

conversion, raw, data, machine-readable form

EXAMPLE: Information science is a discipline that deals with the processes of storing and transferring information.

Exercise 2. Ask questions to the given answers:

  1. Question: ___________________________________________ ?

Answer: Keyword searching and traversing the database using hypertext or hypermedia links.

  1. Question: ___________________________________________ ?

Answer : Other techniques that seek higher levels of retrieval precision.

  1. Question: ___________________________________________ ?

Answer: Because computer systems are often too large and complicated for failure or success of a design to be predicted without testing.

  1. Question: ___________________________________________ ?

Answer: Natural language, hyperlinks, and keyword searching.

  1. Question: ___________________________________________ ?

Answer: Locating and capturing information.


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