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  1. Reading Exercises:

Exercise 1. Read and memorize using a dictionary:

data mining, neural , campaigns, mismatch, procedural languages, pattern recognition, query,

Exercise 2. Answer the questions:

  1. What is the major goal of data mining?

  2. What does the simplest data structure look like?

  3. What may stages in pattern recognition involve?

Exercise 3. Are these sentences true or false?

  1. Without a protocol, a transmitting computer, for example, could be sending its data in 9-bit packets while the receiving computer might expect the data in 17-bit packets.

  2. Data items stored consecutively in memory may be linked by pointers.

  3. Pattern recognition has extensive application in astronomy, horticulture, robotics, and remote sensing by satellites.

Exercise 4. Match the left part with the right:

1. Programs can be written

a) toward applications of automatic speech recognition

2. Current research efforts are directed

b) OSI

3. Perhaps the most important computer protocol is

c) international or industrywide organizations.

4. Protocols are established by

d) by assembling sets of these predefined objects in far less time than is possible using conventional procedural languages.


II. Speaking Exercises:

Exercise 1. Define the terms using the suggested words and expressions as in example:

Information science

Data mining


Speech recognition 

Data structure

discipline, deals with, processes, storing,transferring, information

type, database, analysis, attempts, discover, useful, patterns, group, data.

a set of rules, procedures, transmitting, data, between, electronic, devices, computers.

ability, computer accept, speech, input, act, transcribe, into, written, language

way, data, stored, efficient, search, retrieval.

EXAMPLE: Information science is a discipline that deals with the processes of storing and transferring information.

Exercise 2. Ask questions to the given answers:

  1. Question: ___________________________________________ ?

Answer: To develop new advertising campaigns.

  1. Question: ___________________________________________ ?

Answer : High programming productivity.

  1. Question: ___________________________________________ ?

Answer: C++ and Objective-C

  1. Question: ___________________________________________ ?

Answer: Early 1980s.

  1. Question: ___________________________________________ ?

Answer: Database-query systems, information retrieval systems.


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