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Билет № 5

1. Прочитайте описание трёх праздников в Британии. Назовите праздники, о

которых идёт речь. Переведите второй абзац текста

Holidays and Festivals in Britain

There are eight holidays a year in Great Britain. On these days people don’t go to work. They are: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter, May Day, Bank Holiday, Remembrance Day.

1. In Great Britain this holiday is not so widely celebrated as Christmas. The most common type of celebration is a Party.

In Wales and in the north of Britain almost all children are allowed to stay up until midnight, so that they can watch customs connected with this holiday.

Just before midnight, the ashes are cleared from the fireplace so that the year will be begun afresh. Money, especially silver money, is placed outside the door, and bread and a piece of coal are put as well to ensure health, wealth, and happiness to the household. A few minutes before twelve o’clock all the doors of the houses are opened to allow the spirit of the old year to depart. At midnight the wireless is turned on, so that everyone can hear the chimes of Big Ben. When the clock strikes twelve everyone wishes everyone else “A Happy New Year”.

After midnight many people visit friends and neighbours.

2. This Day is observed throughout Britain in commemoration of the million or more Britain soldiers, sailors and airmen who lost their lives during the two World Wars. On that day special services are held in the churches and wreaths are laid at war memorials throughout the country, when a great number of people gather to observe the two-minute silence and to perform this Day ceremony. When the two-minute silence is over, members of the Royal Family, or their representatives and political leaders come forward to lay wreaths at the foot of the Cenotaph. Then comes the march past the memorial.

3. On this Holiday the townsfolk usually flock into the country and to the coast. If the weather is fine many families take a picnic-lunch or tea with them and enjoy their meal in the open.

The Holiday is also an occasion for big sports meetings. There are also horse race meetings all over the country.

2. Составьте карточку экскурсионного объекта (по выбору учащихся)

3. Укажите по 5 положительных и отрицательных черт всех типов темперамента.

Опишите свой темперамент.

Билет № 4

1. Прочитайте описание трех белорусских государственных праздников. Назовите

праздники, о которых идет речь. Переведите первый абзац текста.


1. There are two national holidays in May. One of them is the holiday of labour and spring. It’s a merry holiday when people go out into the streets, there’s a lot of music and dancing everywhere, and you can watch fireworks in the evening. Then comes the second holiday in May. This day marks the victory of the Soviet people over the German fascism in the Great Patriotic War. People congratulate war veterans and express their gratitude to them and also remember those who gave their lives for the independence of our motherland. People put flowers to the monuments of the war heroes. It’s also a sad day for many families who lost their relatives during the war. Practically every family in Belarus lost one.

2. This holiday is a national holiday when people show their love and respect for their mothers, grandmothers, sisters and girl-friends. It’s a tradition to present them with flowers and gifts.

3. This holiday is traditionally observed as the day of the Socialist Revolution. On this day there used to be a military parade in the capital of the country and a salute in the evening. Now it’s just another day off for most people.

2. Предложите текст рекламы с приглашением посетить Несвижский дворцово-

замковый комплекс

3. Определите типы гостиниц по описанию

  1. Простые одно- или двухэтажные сооружения, расположен­ные вне городской застройки, у автомагистралей. Это малые или средние предприятия (до 400 мест). Характерен средний уровень обслуживания при небольшом количестве персонала.

  2. По вместимости это предприятие малых или средних размеров (до 400 мест). Предоставляет квартирный тип номеров, ис­пользуемых в качестве временного жилья, чаще всего на базе самообслуживания. Обслуживает главным образом туристов, путешествующих семьями, а также бизнесменов и коммерсантов, останавливающихся на длитель­ный срок.

  3. Предприятие со значительными различиями по вместимости, предлагающее полный набор услуг гостеприимства. Кроме того, включает комплекс специального медицинского обслу­живания и диетического питания. Располагается в курортной местности

  4. По вместимости данный тип гостиниц относится к малым или средним предприятиям. Обычно располагается в центре города. Хорошо обученный персонал обеспечивает высокий уровень сервиса самым требовательным клиентам. Характерна высокая цена номеров, включающая максимально возможные виды об­служивания.

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