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Verb: Voice

  1. Turn from active into passive. Omit the agent where it can be omit­ted:

  1. The gardener has planted some trees (V. Evans).

  2. A dog is chasing the child (V Evans).

  3. They will advertise the product on television (V. Evans).

  4. Fleming discovered penicillin (V. Evans).

  5. The judge has fined him 300 pounds (V Evans).

  6. A nightmare woke Mary up (V. Evans).

  7. A number of reporters will meet the professor at the airport (V Evans).

  8. Astronauts are exploring space (V. Evans).

  9. The Muslims celebrate Ramadan (V. Evans).

  10. I sent her some roses (V. Evans).

  11. Martin is writing the company report this year (V. Evans).

  12. They kill elephants for ivory (V. Evans).

  13. The government will introduce new measures against crime (V. Evans).

  14. The police are questioning him now (V. Evans).

  15. The government has increased the tax on cigarettes (V. Evans),

  16. Someone is helping her with the housework (V. Evans).

2. Fill in by or with:

  1. Most children are strongly influenced ... their parents (V. Evans).

  2. The jam sandwiches were made ... white bread (V. Evans).

  3. Jake was dismissed ... his boss (V.Evans).

  4. The show was presented ... Mr. Jones (V. Evans).

  5. The parcels were tied ... string (V. Evans).

  6. The meat was eaten ... chopsticks (V.Evans).

  7. The song was performed ... Madonna (V.Evans).

  8. This awful mess was made ... Carol's dog (V. Evans).

  9. The football fans were observed ... the police (V.Evans).

  10. My hair was cut... a top stylist (V. Evans).

  11. The goal was scored ... Liverpool's youngest player (V. Evans).

  12. The beds were made up ... clean sheets (V.Evans).

  13. The supermarket trolley was filled ... cat food (V. Evans).

  14. My camera was loaded ... a black and white film (V Evans).

  15. He was knocked down ... a car (V. Evans).

  16. The window was broken ... a hammer (V.Evans).

  17. The city was attacked ... the enemy (V. Evans).

  18. The garden was dug ... a spade (V. Evans)

  19. The picture was painted ... Jackson Pollard (V. Evans).

  20. The pudding was made ... fruit and chocolate (V.Evans).

  21. The lion was shot ... a rifle (V. Evans).

  22. The house was built... wood and bricks (V. Evans).

3. Turn from active into passive. Use the proper form of the infinitive. Omit the agent where it can be omitted:

  1. Scientists might discover a cure for cancer (V. Evans).

  2. They might have arrested the escaped prisoner (V.Evans).

  3. You should take these tablets before meals (V Evans).

  4. They should have provided more food at the reception (V. Evans).

  5. You must dry-clean this shirt (V. Evans).

  6. The jury ought to have convicted him (V. Evans).

  7. They ought to warn the public about him (V.Evans).

  8. You can improve your health with more exercise (V. Evans).

  9. They could have written the answers more clearly (V.Evans).

  1. Bad weather may delay your flight (V. Evans).

  2. They may have reported the bank robbery (V. Evans).

  3. They will have finished the work by tonight (V. Evans).

  4. You must wash coloured clothes separately (V. Evans).

  5. You should water this plant daily (V. Evans).

4. Using the passive, ask questions to which the italicized words are an­ swers:

  1. Columbus discovered America (V. Evans).

  2. They speak Italian in Italy (V.Evans).

  3. We keep money in a safe (V. Evans).

  4. Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa (V. Evans).

  5. He invited 30people to his party (V. Evans).

  6. A bee stung her (V. Evans).

  7. They grow bananas in Africa (V. Evans).

  8. They have taken his aunt to hospital (V. Evans).

  9. The boys damaged the television (V. Evans).

5. Complete the interview using the proper form of the passive voice, learn the interview by heart:

Reporter: It's wonderful to interview such a famous person as you.

Lucy: Yes, you are very lucky!

Reporter. I know that you (to interview) many times before.

Lucy: Yes, I have.

Reporter. Also, I know that three books (to write) about you.

Lucy: Yes, they have — and another one (to write) at the moment.

Reporter. A film (to make) about your life two years ago, wasn't it?

Lucy: Yes, it was a brilliant film! The leading role (to play) by a beautiful

young actress.

Reporter. ... any more films (to make) in the future?

Lucy: Oh, yes, of course!

Reporter. Where do you buy your clothes from, Lucy?

Lucy: I don't buy them! They (to design) especially for me.

Reporter. And what about your beautiful house?

Lucy: That (to build) five years ago by an Italian architect.

Reporter. You must make a lot of money.

Lucy: I make lots of money and everybody loves me. Flowers (to send)

to my house every day.

Reporter. Not by me, that's certain (V. Evans).

6. Rewrite the following text in the passive and reproduce it:

James Fitt witnessed a horrible plane crash last night. The fire bri­gade fought the wreckage fire while ambulance men rescued surviving passengers. Ambulances took all the survivors to hospital. No one knows yet what caused the plane to crash. Newspaper and TV reporters have already interviewed many of the survivors. The Civil Aviation Authority has launched a full investigation. They say that someone may have put a bomb on board the aircraft. They hope that the aircraft's 'black box' will provide the vital information but they haven't found it yet. They are con­tinuing the search (V. Evans).

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