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1. Choose the correct alternative:

  1. My friend's / friends' name is Mike (V.Evans).

  1. What did you do at the end of the course / at the course's end? (M.Foley, D.Hall).

  2. Look at the roof of the house / the house's roof (V. Evans).

  3. Have you met the new girlfriend of Sam / Sam's new girlfriend? (M. Foley, D. Hall).

  1. My brother's / brothers' names are Ben and Tom (V. Evans).

  1. These are the keys of my flatmate / my flatmate's keys (M. Foley, D.Hall).

  2. I was surprised by the announcement of yesterday / yesterday's an­nouncement (M.Hewings).

  3. Barcelona's architecture / The architecture of Barcelona is a constant source of inspiration (M.Foley, D.Hall).

  4. The completion of the road / The road's completion was ahead of schedule (M. Hewings).

  5. Why can't you just hand in your notice, for the sake of heaven / for heaven's sake? (M. Foley, D. Hall).

  1. I was shocked by the opinion of Alice / by Alice's opinion (M. Hewings).

  2. The impatience of my husband / My husband's impatience some­ times drives me up the wall (M. Foley, D. Hall).

  3. He gently patted the shoulder of his brother / his brother's shoulder (M.Hewings).

  4. The revolution of 1789 / 1789's revolution was an important turning point in French history (M.Foley, D.Hall).

  5. The evacuation of the building / The building's evacuation took only 10 minutes (M.Hewings).

  6. We're going to hold a party at the place of Michael / at Michael's place (M.Foley, D.Hall).

  7. They were saddened to hear of the death of Andrew / of Andrew's death (M.Hewings).

  8. The Ninth Symphony is arguably Beethoven's greatest work / the greatest work of Beethoven (M. Foley, D. Hall).

  9. It's the calendar of last year / last year's calendar (M. Hewings).

  10. Stephanie's daughter / The daughter of Stephanie was beautiful (M.Foley, D.Hall).

  1. They left their homes because of the extension of the airport / because of the airport's extension (M. Hewings).

  2. The toilet for men / The men's toilet is over there on the right (M. Foley, D.Hall).

  3. They were shocked by the rudeness of Bill / by Bill's rudeness (M. Hewings).

2. Write the plural of the following nouns:

foot, city, brother-in-law, headline, photo, bank robbery, stepfather, couch, dish, deer, tray, roof, mouse, tooth, knife, potato, bus, sleeping pill, calf, water-bottle, sunshade, wife, sheep, woman, day, goose, man

3. Fill in is or are:

  1. Where ... your trousers? (V.Evans).

  2. Could you tell me where the scissors ...? (V.Evans).

  3. Money ... easy to spend and difficult to save (V.Evans).

  4. Gloves ... worn in cold weather (V. Evans).

  5. This student's knowledge ... amazing (V.Evans).

  6. Love ... the reason for much happiness in the world (V. Evans).

  7. This bread ... stale (V Evans).

  8. Your pajamas ... on the bed (V. Evans).

  9. My luggage ... too heavy to carry (V.Evans).

  1. My advice to you ... to stay in bed (V. Evans).

  2. Physics ... my favourite subject (V.Evans).

  3. Measles ... a common illness (V.Evans).

  4. The glasses ... in the cupboard (V.Evans).

  5. My mum's hair ... really long (V. Evans).

  6. Where ... the kitchen scales? I want to weigh some flour (V.Evans).

  7. This work ... too hard for me (V. Evans).

  8. People ... unhappy with the new tax system (V. Evans).

  9. Chess ... a popular game (V.Evans).

  10. Her furniture ... very expensive (V. Evans).

  11. Your socks... in the drawer (V. Evans).

  12. The news ... very exciting (V Evans).

  13. Where ... my boxing gloves? (V. Evans).

  14. This information ... incorrect (V.Evans).

  15. Sugar ... bad for your teeth (V. Evans).

  16. His earnings ... very low (V.Evans).

  17. The weather ... very unpredictable in England (V.Evans).

4. Use the items in brackets in the proper form. Sometimes two variants are possible:

  1. That policeman is a friend of (I) (M. Swan).

  2. How's that brother of (you)? (M. Swan).

  3. He's a cousin of (the Queen) (M.Swan).

  4. He watched each gesture of (she) as if she was a stranger (M. Swan).

  5. She's a friend of (my father) (M. Swan).

  1. My work is no business of (you) (M. Swan).

  2. I met another boyfriend of (Lucy) (M. Swan).

  3. Have you heard this new idea of (the boss)? (M. Swan).

5. Translate the sentences into English:

  1. Вчера мы великолепно провели время у Джона.

  2. Она пошла в булочную.

  3. Здесь поблизости есть овощной магазин?

  4. Элис в парикмахерской.

  5. Я купила немного баранины в мясном магазине.

  6. Вы часто ходите к зубному врачу?

  7. Он пошел в парикмахерскую побриться.

  8. Энн сейчас гостит у тети.

  9. Сходите в газетный киоск и купите газету Тайме.

  1. Что можно купить в бакалейном магазине?

  2. Сходи в аптеку и купи аспирин.


1. Put the adjectives in the right order:

  1. A new / woolen / red / smart / hat (V Evans).

  2. A(n) old / plastic / large / green / bag (M. Vince, P. Emmerson).

  3. A(n) modern / luxurious / Italian / car (V. Evans).

  4. A pair of silver / antique /jugs (M. Vince, P. Emmerson).

  5. Two silk / long / blue / beautiful / dresses (V. Evans).

  6. A glass of freshly squeezed / cold / orange / juice (M. Vince, P. Emmerson).

  7. A pair of leather / old / brown / shoes (V. Evans).

  8. A bowl / small / plastic (M. Vince, P. Emmerson).

  9. A(n) stone / English / small / church (V Evans).

  1. Some old / football / dirty / boots (M. Vince, P. Emmerson).

  2. A green / fantastic / Japanese / large / motorbike (V. Evans).

  3. A cotton / long / yellow / skirt (M. Vince, P. Emmerson).

  4. A(n) old / English / heavy / dictionary (V. Evans).

  5. Two wooden / square / tables (M. Vince, P. Emmerson).

  6. A plastic / blue / little / spoon (V. Evans).

  7. A winding / country / long / road (M. Vince, P. Emmerson).

  8. A new / wooden / black / huge / armchair (V. Evans).

  9. A red / silk / beautiful / dress (M. Vince, P. Emmerson).

  10. A gold / tiny / round / Russian / coin (V Evans).

2. Write the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brack­ets:

  1. It's ... today than it was yesterday (warm) (E.Walker, S.Elsworth).

  2. This is the ... dress in the shop (expensive) (E.Walker, S. Elsworth).

  1. What's the ... mountain in your country? (high) (E.Walker, S. Elsworth).

  2. This car is too small. We need to get a ... one (big) (E.Walker, S. Elsworth).

  3. It was the ... music I've ever heard (beautiful) (E.Walker, S. Elsworth).

  4. Your computer is ... than mine (modern) (E.Walker, S. Elsworth).

  5. Australia is the earth's ... continent (old) (E.Walker, S. Elsworth).

  6. My sister was always ... than me (pretty) (E.Walker, S. Elsworth).

  7. This year's exam was ... than last year's (difficult) (E.Walker, S. Elsworth).

10. This is the ... pan we've got (large) (E.Walker, S. Elsworth).

3. Fill in farther, farthest, better, best, worse or worst; learn the dia­logue by heart.

A: We've been driving for hours! The weather is getting ... . How much... is it?

B: I'm not sure, but according to the map, this is the ... route to take.

A: Give me the map, please. I'll find a ... way to get there. Why did Dave choose the ... restaurant out of town to go to on such a rainy night?

B: I don't know. I think it's also one of the ... places to eat.

A: Well, at this rate we're never going to get there! (V. Evans).

4. Fill in more, most, less or least; learn the dialogue by heart:

A: This new energy-saving washing machine is the ... economical model on the market.

B: Is that because it uses ... electricity than the others?

A: Yes. It uses the ... energy and saves you money.

B: That's great. It also seems to have ... functions than my old one. I'll take it! (V.Evans).

5. Fill in very or much; retell the text:

London is becoming a ... popular place for American tourists. All the big attractions are now ... busy in the summer months. The crowds of tourists around places like Buckingham Palace are ... bigger than they were a few years ago. Sales of postcards and other souvenirs are ... higher now than in past years. This is ... good news for the British tourist in­dustry (V. Evans).

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