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1.4.3 Compare your heading with ones of your classmates, discuss which the best title is and express your opinion why you think so. Use the following phrases for agreement or disagreement

1.4.4 Look through the text once again to find the answers to the following questions

  1. Why was the construction of the fortress delayed?

  2. How was the garrison during the first winter?

  3. What was the second place for Orenburg to be founded near?

  4. Who had been made commander of the expedition after Kirillov's death?

  5. What was V.N. Tatishchev?

  6. Why couldn’t he take part in carrying out his plan?

  7. What was interesting about the town design by D. Telnoy?

  8. What was the name of the settlement founded on August 1 (12), 1741?


1.5.1 Answer the following questions:

1. When did the Yaik river become Russia's official border?

2. Why was it only in the XVIII century that the border along the Yaik was secured?

3. Why did Abulkhair ask for Russian protection?

4. Who organized the expedition?

5. What were the tasks of the expedition?

6. Why was the first place not suitable for the central town of the region?

7. What is a bastion?

8. When did the bastion system develop and who brought it to perfec­tion?

9. Why did Tatishchev reject the place chosen by Kirillov?

10. What place did Tatishchev find for the town?

1.5.2 Make up questions on the history of fortification so as to cover the main points. Let your classmates answer your questions

1.5.3 Make up dialogues discussing

  • The historical reasons why Orenburg had to be founded;

  • Kirillov’s expeditions;

  • New locations and new designs of the town.

1.5.4 Identify the main points of the unit and add any information that interests you, and reformulate it in the form of a summary or a chart

1.5.5 Render into English and continue the narration with your own words

В XVI веке Яик стал официальной границей России, но лишь в XYIII

веке наступило время закрепить ее. Предлогом послужило принятие Ка­захов в российское подданство. 15(26) августа 1735 года экспедиция во главе с И.К. Кирилловым основала первую крепость на устье реки Орь, бу­дущий Орск.

1.5.6 Write an essay in 25 – 30 sentences proving that one must know the history of his native town


2.1.1 Find the following words and expressions in a monolingual dictionary or give your own interpretation. Put them in the sentences of your own for your classmates to translate them into Russian

Descendant - потомок

Nickname - прозвище

To derive - происходить (от ч. либо)

Ancestor - предок

To prove fatal – зд. оказаться пророческим

Old orthodox believer - старообрядец, старовер

To back up - поддерживать

Local gentry - местное дворянство

Cadet – зд. курсант академии

Midshipman - гардемарин

Galley – галера

Supervisor – надсмотрщик

To be on good terms - быть в хороших отношениях

Secret office – зд. Тайная канцелярия

Innocent – невиновный

Concealed exile – зд. завуалированная ссылка

2.1.2 You are about to read the text “I.I. Nepliuev”. Think, what do you want to know from the text, what do you think the text can tell you. Write your questions (10 - 15) and try to predict some of the answers before you read.

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