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  1. Work in pairs. Role-play the interview between a professional critic and a journalist who is interested in what a good review is. Use your questions and the information above.

Match review parts (1-3) with their contents (a-c).

  1. Introductory paragraph a chronological outline of the plot with

  2. Body paragraphs an evaluation of various features

  3. Concluding paragraph b general assessment and/or possible

recommendation with justifications c stating all the background information

  1. Put the parts of the review below into the correct order.

1l I


3| I

*\ I

' ^ ®

The film is everything what most of others are not. It is deep, b sincere and magnificent. Make sure you don't miss it

(b) ‘A Beautiful Mind’ (USA, 2001) is impressive drama with great success. This masterpiece, directed by Ron Howard, has four Oscar awards and

  1. award for the best movie.


Li _


tn Cast is superb, special effects are fabulous and performance in gene-

(c) ral is perfect. I recommend this film to everyone. It doesn't matter if you like drama or not because this film will simply fascinate you.

/pN The story is set in Princeton in 1947. John Nash is incredible strong performance of Russell Crowe. He is brilliant and young mathematical genius. Three years after finishing university he becomes victim of mystical conspiracy. His devoted wife, convincing Jennifer Connelly, is the only person who can help him in this extremely powerful realisation about courage, passion and triumph.

  1. A) Work in pairs. Choose a film you like and make notes using the following headings and prompts.

Introduction (background)



When made?


Main Character / Starring?


When / Where?

Main Character / Cast



General Assessment-Recommendation

  1. Role-play the situation in pairs.


Student A, you're a TV journalist. You've invited a critic to get your audience acquainted with the professional opinion on a film / play, which was recently released. Present your guest and ask him questions. Student B, you're a professional critic. Answer student A's questions and give an oral review of the film / play. Use your notes you did in task 4a. Use the expressions from the ‘Useful Phrases’ box.

  1. T Write a review of a book/film you have recently read or seen.

Use the expressions from the box below.


Expressions for Writing Reviews p |_j pS E S

  • background

This fascinating / highly provoking / well-written / original book is ...

This chilling / realistic / magnificent / spectacular film is ...

The book / film tells the story of... / is based on ...

The book / film is set in / takes place in ...

The book / film was written / directed by ...

The film stars ...

It is a comedy / action / historical / science fiction / war / western / romantic / disaster / mystery / horror / biographic ... film.

  • plot

The story begins / is about / focuses on ...

The book / film reaches a tragic / dramatic climax / culmination when ... The story of the book / film unfolds ...

The book / film ends ...

In the end, the book / film ...

  • Note:

    Don't forget to use various transitional words / phrases to express contrast, to add points, to give examples, to express your opinion and to conclude. (See pages 168-169 of the Appendix in ‘English 10’ textbook.)

    evaluation and comments on various features The plot is ...

The book / film is ... written / directed by ...

The cast is ... / The film has a ... cast.

The acting ...

The script is ...

The book / film is pretty / rather...

  • recommendations

  1. would (highly / strongly / thoroughly / definitely) / wouldn't recommend it because ...

It is (not) worth seeing ...

You should definitely read / see ...

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