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Interview your classmates about their future jobs.

Use the questions below. Work in pairs.

  • Have they already made decisions?

  • Do they realise what they particularly enjoy about their jobs?

  • Do they know what they should learn and be good at in order to be successful in their jobs?



5 TRead the newspaper article. Then do the task below.


Prepare and make a speech on the problem of jobs for young people in Ukraine at a sitting of the International Friendship Club for your British guests.

They will have a lot of questions.

Be ready to answer them. Work in two

teams: the first group writes speech and

decides who'll be the speaker, the second group prepares and asks questions.

Ukrainian legislation gives wide opportunities for vocational training and for choosing a trade for all those who are looking for employment: young people who have left secondary school; young men after military service; people who have left their jobs because they have moved; housewives, etc.

The local authorities are obliged to assist people engaged in such activities. It stemmed, on the other hand, from the economic reconstructing that took place after the Soviet Union had been ruined. The other reason was that in recent years the crisis in world economy led to the growth of unemployment.

As a result, many enterprises are working only one shift instead of three. Under the command-and- administrative methods of management every official has extensive powers which he does not want to lose. However, the reorganisation opens up wide opportunities for those who do wish to contribute to the economic restructuring and apply themselves to real work.

authorities [o:'©Dntiz] an enterprise [’entapraiz] legislation [,led3is'leijn] to assist [a-'sist] to contribute [ken'tribju:t] vocational [vao'keijanl]

  • be engaged (in)

  • be obliged (to)



Complete the sentences by changing the verbs in brackets into Future Perfect or Future Perfect Continuous forms.


    At the end of this semester, Max will have been studying (study) at university for two years.

  2. ... (you/have) dinner before you get here or should I prepare something for you to eat?

  3. Saturday week, I ... (go out with) Judy for two years.

  4. You ... (drive) for over six hours soon. Why don't you stop for a rest?

  5. If I get home very late, my mother... (worry) about me for several hours.

  6. Don't call me after six as I ... (leave) by then.

  7. I'll be exhausted by the time I cross the finish line as I ... (run) for over four hours.

  1. Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

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