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  1. How do you feel about the fact that George was jailed?

  2. If you were Susie, would you have gone to the police? Why (not)?

  3. How would you have handled the situation if you had been in George's shoes?

  4. Why do you think George acted the way he did? Why do you think Susie acted the way she did? Justify your answer by referring to their characters, childhood and environment.

  5. Work in groups and do the task below.

Suppose you had the opportunity to talk to any of the people mentioned in the article, what questions would you ask them? Write some questions and then discuss with your mates how these people might answer them.

to release [n'li:s] — 3BinbHfirn


  1. 3 A) Brainstorm the main areas of conflict

between parents and adolescents, b) Think and say:

  • To what extent do you think that such conflict is inevitable? How can it be avoided?

  • What does it mean to be a good son or a good daughter?

  • Do you think the ability to be a good parent comes naturally or should people be taught certain rules? What rules?

Read and say which passage, A or B, more closely reflects your opinion?

Explain why.

A All people need to have their own sense of identity to cope successfully with adulthood. If an adolescent just unquestioningly takes on the values of his parents, there is no struggle for identity but this can lead to problems later on in life if the individual then starts to question these values. Most adolescents need to reject their parents' values in order to find their own. Therefore, conflict with parents is almost an essential part of growing up.


The amount of conflict between adolescents and their parents has been greatly exaggerated. Most conflicts between adolescents and their parents are caused by criticism of their choice of friends, too much interference in their social life and too little financial support. However, their fundamental values tend to remain similar to those of their parents, and it is their mother and father that are most likely to consult over educational and career plans.

  1. Vocabulary Brush up personality adjectives.

  1. Group up the adjectives into the appropriate columns.

tactful fussy hard-working tactless

responsible polite quiet lazy

talkative rude nervous mature

strict tidy



usually positive

usually negative

could be either


b) Add one of these prefixes un-, im-, ir-, in- to each of the words from the box to make opposites.

For example: criticaluncritical

critical, mature, polite, responsible, sensitive, tidy

Refresh your knowledge of word formation.

  1. Rephrase the sentences, adding the appropriate suffix to the noun in italics.

-ful -ish -less -ly -y For example: Alec did it without care. Alec was careless.

  1. Don't be such a fool. Stop being ... .

  2. The magazine comes out every week. The magazine comes out... .

  3. Look at all the dirt on your hands. Your hands are .

  4. The situation is without hope. The situation is ... .

  5. The injury is giving a lot of pain. The injury is ... .

  1. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate form of the word on the right.









Sarah is not very tolerant of people who don't think the same as she does.

Dave always makes a ... contribution to class discussions.

It is well-... that women tend to live longer than men. Lyn thinks she deserves special ....

Henry wants to finish the project by himself, without ... from anybody.

In Britain, it is an ... to sell tobacco to under- sixteens.

You need ... from the boss if you want a day off work.





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