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Chapters 1-2

Words and expressions to remember

  • the bulletproof glass

  • untaxing (work)

  • a bet (to bet on sth)

  • to urge smb to do sth

  • a crucifix

  • probable odds

  • to be on credit

  • to be reared on sth

  • to be furious with sb

  • to be engrossed in

  • to keep track of

  • to make a point of doing sth

  • to stutter / a stutter

  • to have a check up

  • to tempt sb / to be tempted to do sth

  • to come down with an illness

  • to give rise to

  • irreversible

  • conscientious

  1. Reproduce the situations from the chapters where these lexical items are used.

  2. Comment on or paraphrase the following sentences from the chapters.

  • To have a supply of books on hand to suit my tastes;

  • The management saved on electricity, as on everything else;

  • She had insisted that I learn at least one useful thing;

  • The hotel had seen better days;

  • I had paid a good part of my way through college in fraternity poker games;

  • My financial situation didn’t permit me to demand luxury;

  • I was grateful that I had never been tempted to take a job on one of the big airlines;

  • I didn’t like being tied down to a schedule;

  • I didn’t allow myself to sink into gloom;

  • A rather desultory affair;

  • Stubbornly unmarried;

  • Re-assess the feelings;

  • They are not sticky about it;

  • To be alert to a whole array of dials;

  • How are you fixed for dough?

  • History is the most relevant of subjects;

  • The hum of education swelled to a roar of freedom.

  1. Answer the questions.

  • Where is the scene set?

  • What are the duties of a night watchman? What are the benefits of working as a night watch?

  • What kind of activities was Grimes engaged in during his being on duty?

  • What was Grimes’s background?

  • In what way can you describe Grimes’s appearance and habits?

  • What kind of hotel did Grimes work at?

  • What was Grimes’s hobby?

  • What were Grimes’s reasons for taking up that occupation?

  • What kind of books was Grimes interested in?

  • What was striking for Grimes about the date of 15 January?

  • Why did Grimes pay so much attention to a flying jet?

  • What was the Wales family like?

  • What did Grimes and Didi have in common?

  • Did Grimes have a girlfriend? Could you call his relationship with the girl friend confused?

  • In what way did Grimes’s life change after that physical examination?

  • Why did Grimes decide to quit at once after learning the results of the check-up?

  • Do you think Grimes’s girlfriend loved him?

4. Do you agree or disagree with the following? Quote the text to prove that.

  • Grimes was in a perfect physical form;

  • Grimes was fond of reading (he was a devoted reader);

  • Grimes was pleased with his work (it suited him);

  • Grimes was educated in business;

  • Grimes was an enthusiastic gambler;

  • Grimes missed his previous occupation;

  • Mr.Wales was quite a rich person;

  • Didi enjoyed reading;

  • Grimes was rather a shy person;

  • Grimes was frustrated on hearing the news about his poor vision.

5. Topics for developing argumentation and rhetorical speech skills. Dwell on the following subjects:

  • When experiencing a kind of turning point in their lives people may be caught by an unexpected desire to start from scratch.

  • Life is made of millions of moments, but we live only one of these moments at a time. As we begin to change this moment, we begin to change our lives (T.Hunt).

  • Every move we make today is the result of what men and women have been doing with each other and to each other since before recorded time.

  • If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. (P.Buck)

  • People’s characters are reflected through their reading habits.

  • Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own. (W.Hazlitt)

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