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Relations of Ukraine with the European Union

As you know Ukraine is a sovereign state, it establishes new relations with the countries throughout the world. It sets direct contacts with many foreign countries signing agreements and treaties. A lot of foreign Embassies have appeared in its capital lately. Ukraine is one of the founding members of the United Nations Organizations and participates in the work of many international organizations.

The topics of our radio and television talks are often Ukrainian-European relations and our viewpoints on the prospect of their development, and a wide range of other international issues.

A fundamental reshaping of foreign policy could only be effected on the basis of a strictly scientific and objective reassessment of the present-day realities. This evaluation the in-depth analysis of international affairs and the consideration of our national interests resulted in the new political thinking. Nowadays the political life is giving fresh grounds for the relations of mutual understanding between Ukraine and the countries of European Union. The new political thinking, as seen by the Ukrainian leadership and by foreign experts, is not something frozen and immobile. It is exceptionally creative process, receptive to innovation.

The reason for the new type of relations is that European Union wants to see broader economic ties with Ukraine. The exchanging of opinions with the delegations from the European countries are generally marked by goodwill and intense interest.

Ukraine not only strives to live in peace with the rest of the world community, but also to co-operate with other countries and participate in the European and the world structures. It is already a member of numerous international, political and economic associations and a founding member of the United Nations.

Текст № 5. Херсон Kherson

Kherson is the southern Ukrainian city. It is built on the right bank of the river Dnieper. If you want to go to the Black Sea it will take you 1,5 hours by car or 2 hours by bus. The climate here is dry. Winters are cold and summers are hot, and the winds often blow. In summer many people go to the river bank or to the Black Sea, and there are many fruit and vegetables: apples, cherries, strawberries, peaches, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, etc.

Population of Kherson is nearly 360, 000 people. Today it is a large sea- and river-port. There are two bridges over the Dnieper which join Kherson and a smaller town Tsurupinsk. There are wonderful views of the river and the countryside. There is fresh air and good climate, so many tourists visit Kherson in summer. Kherson is over 200 years old. Admiral Ushakov and his soldiers built many ships here in the 18th century and fought with Turkish army. Russian army won.

10 years ago the main branches of industry here were ship-building, textile and building of agricultural machines. But there is an economic crisis in Ukraine nowadays, so many factories closed down. Nowadays the main branches of industry are ship-building and tinned food factories, but there is not enough work for all people. Those who work don’t earn much. There are many good colleges and universities such as the Kherson State University, the Technical University, the Shipbuilding University and the Agricultural University.

There is a good drama theatre and a puppet-show. If you like painting you can go to the Art Museum. There are good pictures of the painters of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. There are also many bars, cinemas, clubs, gyms and a swimming-pool. People sometimes call Kherson «a green city» because there are many parks there.

Текст № 6. Болонський процес

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