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At the hotel

Nowadays people travel on business and as tourists much more than in the past. Accommodations as well as rates vary from hotel to hotel. There are deluxe hotels, the most luxurious and more expensive. There are resort hotels used for entertainment or recreation. There are also a lot of motels which grew with the development of highways in America. They provide accommodation with parking space near the guests' rooms. There are hotel chains, consisting of several hotels controlled by one company having its own trademark, or logo.

Most hotels offer single and double rooms, for one and two people respectively. Of course rollways (collapsible beds on roller) can be placed in a room for other family members. If a guest requires more than one room, some hotels have fine suites consisting of several rooms.


The secretary of the Ukrainian Delegation in London telephones the Tavistock Hotel to reserve a room for Mr. Kozlov.

Receptionist: Reception desk. Tavistock Hotel. Good morning. Secretary: Good morning. This is the Ukrainian Trade Delegation. We’d like to reserve a room for Mr. Kozlov for three nights from the 20th of October.

Receptionist: Mr. Kozlov. Could you tell me what accommodation Mr.Kozlov would like to have? Secretary: Yes, certainly. A single room with a private bath.

Receptionist: Just a minute. I'll see whether we have the accommodation available.

Secretary: Thank you.

Receptionist: Yes, I can reserve a single room with a bath from the 20th of October, for three nights. Secretary: Thank you. What's the charge?

Receptionist: Eight pounds ten pence a night. Secretary: Thank you. Good-bye.

Receptionist: Good-bye.


At about I o'clock in the afternoon Mister Kozlov arrived at the Tavistock Hotel. A hotel-porter took Kozlov's suit-case and showed him to the reception-desk. Kozlov told the receptionist that the Delegation had reserved a room in his name a few days before. The receptionist checked that and said that they could let him have a nice room on the third floor. After that the receptionist gave Mister Kozlov a form and asked him to fill it in.

Mister Kozlov wrote his name, address, nationality and occupation on the form and gave it back. Then the porter took the key to Kozlov's room and they went to the lift. In a minute they were on the third floor. The porter unlocked the door, brought in the suitcase and asked if that was all. Kozlov thanked him, gave him a tip and the porter went out. Kozlov unpacked his suit-case and rang the bell for a chambermaid because he wanted to have his suit pressed.

Chambermaid: Good afternoon, sir. What can I do for you?

Kozlov: Good afternoon. Could I have my jacket and trousers pressed?

Chambermaid: Very good, sir. I think I can do it right away.

Kozlov: Thank you. By the way, could I have an extra blanket? I'm afraid I'll be cold at night as the weather is damp today.

Chambermaid: I'll attend to it, sir.

Kozlov: Thank you. I wonder if the restaurant is open now.

Chambermaid: Yes, sir. The restaurant serves breakfast from eight to ten, lunch from twelve to two thirty and dinner from six to eight.

Kozlov: Thank you very much.

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