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Dialogues 2

1. Mrs Madigan Goes to the Theatre

Mrs Magan is asking the hotel desk-clerk for information about theatres in St. Francis.

Clerk: Good morning, Mrs. Madigan.

Mrs Magan: Good morning, I think I'd like to go to the theatre tonight. Is there a theatre in the city? Clerk: Would you like a guide?

Mrs Magan: No, no. I'll go by taxi. Clerk: No, madam. A theatre guide. A list of all the theatres in St. Francis, with full details

of the plays and booking facilities. Mrs Magan: How many theatres are there? Clerk: Three.

Mrs Magan: Hmm! What's on at the National Theatre? I've heard it is the best one. Clerk: National Theatre. The "Siege of St. Francis." It's a history play, Mrs. Magan.

Mrs Magan: I'll go there. I'll go and get a ticket.

{Later. At the National Theatre box office.) Mrs Magan: One ticket for tonight, please. In the stalls. Clerk: Which performance?

Mrs Magan: Which performance? Tonight! Clerk: There are two performances nightly. One at six o'clock, the second at nine o'clock. Mrs Magan: Oh, the nine o'clock. Six o'clock much too early. Clerk: Yes, madam.

Mrs Magan: One stall for the second performance this evening. But not too far back. My eyes

are becoming rather weak. Clerk: Yes, madam. Seat A3.

Mrs Magan: Is there a good view of the stage from that seat? Clerk: It's in the front row, madam.

Mrs Magan: Oh, is it? Good. Clerk: Five crowns please.

2. (That evening. Mrs. Magan has just come into the theatre.)

Attendant: Er, excuse me, madam.

Mrs Migan: Yes?

Attendant: Taking photographs is not permitted in the auditorium.

Mrs Magan: Oh, isn't it? Now, is this the way to the orchestra stalls?

Attendant: Your camera, madam.

Mrs Magan: Camera?

Attendant: Yes, madam. Your camera. There, may I have it?

Mrs Magan: This is my hat.

Attendant: Your hat?

Mrs Magan: Yes. Now, is this the way to my seat, or isn't it?

3. Sam and Cathy are planning their evening.

Cathy: Sam?

Sam: Mmm?

Cathy: What do you want to do tonight?

Sam: Oh, I don't know. Nothing special.

Cathy: Is there anything on at the cinema?

Sam: Here's the paper. Page two.

Cathy: Thanks. (Looking at the paper.) There's a new film by Maurice.

Sam: Who? Who's Maurice?

Cathy: A film director, of course.

Sam: Well, I didn't know. What's it called?

Cathy: 'Elena.'

Sam: 'Elena!' - what kind of film is it?

Cathy: I don't know, but I'd like to see it.

Sam: All right. How long's it been running?

Cathy: Why?

Sam: Well, if it's a new film, it'll be difficult to get a seat.

Cathy: (Looking in the paper again.) No, it says: 'Now in its tenth week.

Continuous performances.'

Sam: So it doesn't matter when we go.

Cathy: No, but...

Sam: Yes?

Cathy: Well, I'd like to go now. Come on.... Sam, come on!

(Later.Outside the cinema.)

Cathy: Oh no! Look!

Sam: (Reading a notice.) 'House Full. Standing Only.'

Cathy: I don't want to stand for three hours.

Sam: What now?

Cathy: Where can we go dancing?

Sam: Dancing? You don't like dancing.

Cathy: I know. But tonight I do.

Sam: Perhaps there's something in the paper.

Cathy: Perhaps. (She looks in the newspaper.) What about this place?

Sam: Which place?

Cathy: This one. "Paradise".

Sam: 'Paradise!'

Cathy: (Reading from the paper.) 'Paradise. StFrancis's latest rendezvous for young people. Non-stop entertainment. Live groups, discotheque and restaurant.' What do you think?

Sam: It sounds all right. Does it say anything else?

Caihy: 'The Right of Admission is reserved.'

Sam: Oh. Do you think they'll let me in?

Cathy: We'll see. Anyway it's not far. Just round the corner.

Sam: Cathy?

Cathy: Yes?

Sam: Cathy, why do you want to go out tonight?

Cathy: It's my birthday.

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