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The Theatre in Great Britain and the usa

Most new plays are presented first on Broadway. Plays shown off Broadway, though modestly staged in small theatres, rank sometimes with the best Broadway performances in professional skill.

If a play is a hit, it may have a long run (that is it may be shown for a very long time), which is the case with a great number of musicals.

The nation's leading opera and ballet companies are situated in New York in Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts, which also houses a symphony orchestra, a theatre and a library museum. Touring ballet companies also perform in Madison Square Garden (which is not a garden but a show place and a stadium). Classical music can be heard in Carnegie Hall. Films coupled with a stage show, may be seen in Radio City Music Hall, one of the world's largest theatres seating over six thousand people. In London one can see drama, opera, musicals, ballet and variety.

The chief theatres, music halls and cinemas are in the West End. The oldest concert hall in London is the nineteenth century Albert Hall. Well-known foreign musicians give performances there when they are in London. The Albert Hall saw very many outstanding conductors. London's most acoustically perfect concert hall is the Royal Festival Hall, which is part of London's modem Cultural Centre.

Opera can be heard in Covent Garden (the Royal Opera House) and at English National Opera (the former Sadler's Wells theatre).

The famous Royal Shakespeare Theatre is situated outside London, at Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace.

If one does not feel like queuing for tickets at the box-office or at a theatre agency, one can reserve them by telephone several days in advance.

The best seats are those in the stalls and in the dress circle. Then comes the pit, and last of all the balcony and the upper balcony. Ticket prices vary according to the seats. Seats in the upper balcony are the cheapest, those in the boxes are the most expensive. Tickets for afternoon performances are cheaper than those for evening performances.

Exercise 1. Complete the sentences with the correct ending.

1 .In New York... (most new plays are presented first on Broadway; all new plays are presented first off Broadway; plays staged in small theatres off Broadway are very often acted with great professional skill and are worth seeing).

2.Tickets to the theatre... (can be bought at the box-office or at a theatre agency; can be reserved by telephone; can be booked several days in advance; are sold at box-offices and theatre agencies).

3.Seats in the stalls... (are the worst; are more expensive than seats in the balcony; are cheaper than seats in the balcony; are the best).

4.The theatrical district of New York is... (Washington Square; Wall Street; Broadway and Times Square).

  1. The chief theatres, music halls and cinemas in London are situated... (in the West End; in the East End).

  2. In London you can hear symphony music in... (the Albert Hall; Carnegie Hall; Covent Garden; the Royal Festival Hall).

  3. Ticket prices vary according to... (the seats; the cast; the time of the performance; the reputation of the theatre).

Exercise 2. Ask questions, to which the following statements can be the answers.

1. No, it would be tiring to see such a large program.

  1. Times Square is the theatrical district of New York.

  2. The theatrical district of New York is Times Square.

  3. My Fair Lady is based on B. Shaw's Pygmalion.

  4. One can hear symphony music in Carnegie Hall.

  5. Yes, at the Albert Hall one can hear well-known musicians from many countries.

  6. No, there aren't. The only great theatre outside London is the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

  7. Tickets can also be reserved by telephone.

  8. No, seats in the gallery are certainly not the best.

10.The oldest concert hall in London is the Royal Festival Hall.

11.Tickets for evening performances are more expensive than those for afternoon performances.


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