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Final test and control


Test 1

The patient, 53 years old, a month ago suddenly, overnight, developed edema of the upper half of the body, face, head, flushing of the skin, veins of the neck and subcutaneous veins of the chest. Desensitization therapy gave insignificant h ing effect. What is needed for diagnosis?

A. Bronchoscopy;

V. Immunological studies;

The research to identify potential allergen;

D. Radiography of the chest to exclude tumors among at wall;

E. Echocardiography.


Test 2

A man 50 years old, a month ago developed hoarseness of voice, and a week Mr. and ass - edema of the soft tissues of the head and her congestion. What disease n e necessary to exclude in the first place?

A. acute cardiovascular failure;

B. Acute laryngitis that complicated allergic swelling;

S. allergic reaction to an unknown allergen;

D. Cerebrovascular accident;

E. Tumor chest with metastases in mediastinal lymph nodes.


Test 3

The man in '70 dry cough, hemoptysis, hoarseness of voice, ptosis and exophthalmos l and voruch. What disease can think of?

A. Lung cancer has spread to the lymph nodes of the mediastinum;

B. Lung cancer has spread to the brain,

S. Cardiovascular insufficiency of cerebral circulation;

D. Acute laryngotracheitis;

E. larynx tumor with metastases to the brain.



Male, 47 years old, the presumptive diagnosis of central cancer LEG is not.

What tactics doctor?

A. Control radiography in a month;

B. Bronchoscopy with biopsy;

C. Tomography of the lungs;

D. Sputum on BC;

E. Tuberculin test.


Test 5

Patient A. 57r. Instal diagnosed with lung cancer and. What is often the first si m Simptom this disease?

A. Pain in the chest

B. Dry cough, resistant to medical treatment

C. Wet cough

D. Hemoptysis

E. Dyspnea


Test 6

Patient M. 76r. intended radical surgery on Mr. Ku and lungs. Which among these signs are not contraindications to this method medi n ing?

A. superior vena cava syndrome

B. The presence of malignant pleural effusion

C. Histological diagnosis of small cell

D. The value of tumor more than 10 cm

E. metastases Rear l alateralni mediastinal lymph nodes

Etalon and in idpovidey: 1 - D, 2 - E, 3 - A, 4 - B, 5 - D, 6 - C.


Methodological developments amounted md Associate Professor gv Trunov


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