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Kharkiv National Medical University

Department of Oncology

guidance for students of 5th year

medical faculties



Module 1

Topical Module 3

Theme 8 Uterus body cancer, cervix cancer, ovarian cancer.



In frequency among malignant tumors of female genital cancer are ranked second. Over the past decade revealed a clear trend and morbidity invasive cervical cancer, which explains the broad holding in former years, preventive examinations and cytological screening followed by treatment of dysplasia and preinvasive cancer.

The peak incidence of cervical cancer is observed in 50-60 years. The greatest reduction in the incidence occurs in the reproductive age, tr chi at least - in the premenopausal. There is no reduction in the incidence in women who are postmenopausal. Mortality from cervical cancer has also you differently tendency to lowering n ing, but still remains high, which necessitates attention for cancer in physicians.

No enough conclusive evidence to explain why there n o p tion of new, pre-cancerous and cancer of the cervix.

The solution to this problem, the subject of numerous experimental and clinical studies. The role of age, early sexual activity, abortion, childbirth, birth injuries, diseases transmitted sexually by viral infection, heredity, hormonal disorders, diseases of sex partners, etc.

In the last decade of the last and beginning of this century marked a steady incidence of endometrial cancer. In countries such as Sweden and the United States, endometrial cancer came in first place in the structure oncogynecology department of pathology. In Ukraine the increasing incidence of localization on average 6% a year.

Increased morbidity associated not only with an increase in life expectancy, but with increasing frequency in women of various endocrine and metabolic pores in shen (diabetes, obesity, giperestrogeniya, anovulation, hypercholesterolemia, and others.). The average age of patients with endometrial cancer is 56.1 years. Women aged 50-59 years constitute 40-45% of all diseased. Pit at ma weight women of reproductive age does not exceed 7%.

According to the incidence of ovarian cancer (OC) was 77 cases per 100 000 population. On average, the OC suffer one of seventy women (1.4%). The average age when there is ovarian cancer is 61 years old.

At the first stage of ovarian cancer 5-year survival rate is 80%, and in the case of the running of ovarian cancer - stage 3 and 4 - to 5-year survival rate is 25-30%. For other cancers, such as cancer of the stomach or pancreatic cancer, it is pretty high figure.


Overall objective: to be able to diagnose and treat tumors appendages ma t ki, uterine, cervix.


Specific goals

Be able to:

1. On the basis of complaints, anamnesis, objective research you I howl major syndromes tumors of the uterus, uterine, cervical, put a preliminary diagnosis.

2. Appoint additional examination methods and evaluate their given district and

3. Conduct a differential diagnosis, to put the final diagnosis.

4. Appoint treatment

5. To carry out rehabilitation and preventive measures


Contents of training


Theoretical questions to topics that students should learn:

1. Clinical symp tomatyka tumors of the uterus, uterine, cervix.

2. Dia gnostic tumors of the uterus, uterine, cervix.

3. Class yfikatsiya tumors of the uterus, uterine, cervix.

4. Question metastasis

5. Epidemiology of cancer of the uterus, uterine, cervical; morbidity and mortality, etiological factors and illnesses at Precancer ing and pathogenesis.

6. The principles and tactics of treatment of tumors of the uterus, uterine, cervical, immediate and long-term outcomes, diagnosis and treatment of recurrences and metastases.

7. Predisposing factors and precancerous conditions, prevention.

8. Examination of disability, prognosis, rehabilitation patients


Count on a logical structure and themes (see Fig.).


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Count on Logic and structures and themes

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