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Brief guidelines for the work of students in the practice

Originally performed input control knowledge through tests and oral answers, solving situational problems. Students begin to himself constantly at work with patients under the supervision of the teacher. Collects ana m nezu, physical examination of patients with cancer of the body and cervix, ovaries, study data further examination of patients. A detection is duchyh syndromes differentiation with other diseases and justification pop e ous diagnosis. Outline a treatment plan. During the test, each student spends Physics lne patient examination (inspection, palpation groups l and mfovuzliv, abdomen, percussion, auscultation). During classes students inte r pretuyut laboratory data ultrasonographycal, endoscopy, x-rays at logical, cytological and histopathological studies. The department Intense and Economy by resuscitation students learn the principles of intensive therapy and n and for revision of critically ill patients. Work in a dressing room, operating room. Dr. Lee conducted a final test. Summarizes zanya t cha, announced the results at counter human knowledge and skills.


Process Map practical lessons


Stages classes

Training time


Prospect Place at driving lessons

Mr. Means and learning



Determination of n con t o Primary role of knowledge

30 min

Tests survey uvannya

Slides and would face, renth e nohramy



Addressing Mr. and vchalnyh with a t e inthis we


Case patients at historical Rhee minutes at the paper, the development and l lit diagnostician and ki and medication in the bathroom

Stories about patients like leaves appointments, CT-grams, MRI program, radiographs

Chamber scarf in vibrational, and operations on, classrooms, and endoscope ical room and no


Definition in s tern level sform at vanosti knowledge and skills. Summing pi d bag.

30 min

Tests survey uvannya

Slides and would face, renth e nohramy, ci f we



Due to the fact that the department conducted watershed and final con t role, as an example, give a few tests


Final test and control

Test number 1

Patient D., 65 years revealed stage III ovarian cancer, ascites, metastasis in the greater omentum, which is kind of tight palpuyuchoyi tumor. Patient Receive a la six courses of palliative chemotherapy with no apparent positive effect. With a broken down state of moderate severity. Which treatment should be preferred?

A. Symptomatic;

B. Operations;

C. Chemotherapy;

D. Radiotherapy;

E. Hormone.


Test number 2

Patient G., 45 years old complained of heaviness in the abdomen, its rapid increase, weakness, rapid fatigue, lack of appetite. He considers himself a patient for 3-4 months. An objective examination of the patient is determined by a large amount of fluid in the abdominal cavity, because of what User defined and cheats presence of any structures it is impossible. Finger research rectum and vagina: infiltration in the back construction that reaches the walls and on t, motionless, not related to the rectum. Your diagnosis?

A. Kidney cancer;

B. Sarcoma of the uterus;

C. Cancer of the cervix;

D. Endometrial cancer;

E. Ovarian cancer.


Test number 3

Patient B., 68 years during the examination using ultrasound, CT, deter tion and level of tumor-associated surface antigen CA-125, CEA detected ovarian cancer stage IIC (T3N1M0). What treatment can be rivers at Mende Vanya at the first stage?

A. Hormone;

B. Chemotherapy;

C. Operative treatment;

D. Radiotherapy;

E. The combination of several treatments.


Test number 4

PATIENTS '53 performed hysterectomy with appendages about uterine cancer. Postoperative period equal. Histological examination of the removed drug found at Aden highly differentiated carcinoma, grow into the myometrium.

What additional therapies to offer this patient?

A. Immunotherapy;

B. Immunochemotherapy;

C. Radiation therapy to the bed of the uterus.

D. Symptomatic therapy;

E. Chemotherapy;


Test number 5

Female 60 years old, who is in menopause 10 years, complains of bloody vaginal discharge that appeared 6 months ago. When rektovahinalnomu study enlarged uterus to 7 weeks of pregnancy, tistuvata, mobile. Appendages not enlarged. Infiltrates in the pelvis there. When diagnostic vyskoblenni derived elements adenocarcinoma.

What kind of treatment can offer this patient?

A. Bilateral tubovariektomiya;

B. Hysterectomy with appendages;

C. Supravaginal amputation of uterus with appendages;

D. Radiotherapy;

E. Chemotherapy.


Test number 6

An examination of women in '56, with complaints krov'yanisti selection of pi's you doctor suspects endometrial cancer.

What is needed diagnostic method?

A. Radionuclide

B. Ultrasound

C. Trial scraping the uterus

D. Metrosalpingography

E. Colposcopy


Test number 7

Woman in '38 diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Which treatment to choose?

A. Surgical

B. Drug

C. Ray

D. Combined

E. Ymunoterapevtychnyy


Test number 8

Patient D., 67 years old in the survey revealed elevated levels of tumor-associated but Mr. surface antigen CA-125 levels. Can this analysis argued that patient with cervical cancer?

A. Further additional examination of the patient;

B. Yes;

C. No;

D. Need to re-study of CA-125 in the dynamics;

E. Necessary research CEA, alfafetoproteyinu (AFP).

Standards of answers: 1 - C, 2 - E, 3 - C, 4 - C, 5 - B, 6 - C, 7 - D, 8 - A.



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