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Kharkiv National Medical University

Department of Oncology

guidance for students of 5th year

medical faculties



Module 1

Semantic module 2




In the world annually registers about one mole at on new cases of breast cancer. In CIS countries, this pathology has been ranked in the structure of mortality from cancer and diseases of women of working age. Of particular relevance issue of breast cancer is in the industrialized regions of Ukraine. Only in the last 10 years in Harkivs oblasts incidence increased from 51.3 to 64.5 per 100 000 female population.

Unfortunately, the introduction of modern methods of diagnosis and synthesis of new drugs has not significantly affected the number of patients with newly diagnosed longstanding forms of this disease. To date mortality zloyaki them with breast cancer in the world is 17.9 per 100 thousand women is our attitude, and in Ukraine - 27.0 per 100 thousand female population.

Before oncologist faces the problem of not only primary and clarifying diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, but also to evaluate the effectiveness of p and ofthem treatments for this disease, early detection of relapse after treatment


Overall objective: to be able to diagnose and treat breast cancer.

Specific goals

Be able to:

1. On the basis of complaints, anamnesis, objective research, to identify the main syndromes of breast cancer, put a preliminary diagnosis.

2. Appoint additional examination methods and evaluate their data

3. Conduct differential diagnostics, to put the final diagnosis.

4. Appoint treatment

5. To carry out rehabilitation and preventive measures


Contents of training


Theoretical questions to topics that students should learn:

1. Clinical symptoms of breast cancer.

2. Diagnosis of breast tumors.

3. Classification of breast tumors.

4. Question metastasis

5. Epidemiology of breast cancer, the incidence and mortality of breast cancer, etiological factors and Precancer disease pathogenesis.

6. Principles and treatment in breast cancer, direct and d ve Dalen outcome of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment and review for dyviv and metastases.

7. Predisposing factors and precancerous conditions, prevention.

8. Examination of disability, prognosis, rehabilitation patients


Handwriting structures and themes (see fig.)


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13. Lecture on

14. Count on Logic and structures and themes


After mastering on the theme proposed move to the solution of educational problems.


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