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Brief guidelines for the work of students in the practice


Originally performed input control knowledge through tests and oral answers, solving situational problems. Students begin to himself constantly at work with patients under the supervision of the teacher. Collects anamn is memory, physical examination of patients with breast cancer, the study data further examination of patients. Hold b Xia identify leading syndromes, differentiation and disease with other previous study di and prognosis. Outline a treatment plan. During the test, each student at Lane dit physical examination of patients th (inspection, palpation of lymph nodes, and is vota, percussion, auscultation). During classes, students interpret lab at ratorni data ultrasonographycal endoscopic, radiological, op at logical and histopathological studies. In intensive care and resuscitation students learn principles of intensive therapy and supervision wa Kimi min at the same rhyme. Work in a dressing room, operating room. Next conducted final test. Summarizes lessons, oholoshuyut b Xia results counter at human knowledge and skills.


Process Map practical lessons


Stages classes

Taught b ing time


Prospect Place at driving lessons

Mr. Means and learning



Definitions beginning to labor t Covo control knowledge

30 min

Tests in poll-ing

Slides, tables, frames roentgen g

Reference to and mnata


Solving these problems taught b t f we


Case patients at historical Rhee minutes at the paper, the development and l lit diagnostician and ki and medication in the bathroom

Stories min at Danton, ly s Prospect Weave and values ​​of CT-grams, MRI-grams, r e nthenohr and we

Chamber scarf in vibrational, and operations on, classrooms, and endoscope ical room and no


Definition vyhi e tion level sform at vanosti knowledge and skills. Summing pi d bag.

30 min

Tests survey UEA n ing

Slides, tables, X-ray d frames, ci f we

Reference to and mnata


Due to the fact that the department conducted watershed and final evaluation, as an example, give a few tests


Final test and control


Test number 1

Patient A, '32, complains of breast pain and their nahrubinnya before menstruation for at least 4 months. Palpation left breast on a background of fibrous tissue formation detected 1.5 x 2 cm without clear contours tight consistency. Supposed breast cancer. In what other ill th baths can celebrated such complaints?

A. Mastitis.

W. breast.

S. Fibroadenoma.

D. Brush the breast.

E. intraductal papilloma of the breast.




Test number 2.

Patient C, '54, complained of increasing left breast. Sick 2 months. I took anti-inflammatory treatment surgeon diagnosed with mastitis, without effect. Left breast increased in size, compact. The skin over her flushed. Mastytopodibnyy suspected cancer. What will be the main test in this case?

A. Thermography breast.

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