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V. Ultrasound breast.

S. Duktohrafiya breasts.

D. Percutaneous biopsy.

E. CT imaging of the chest cavity and its organs.


Test number 3.

Patient T, '41, complaining about the presence of the formation of the right breast, which was found a week ago. Accompanying diagnosis - chronic adne k sieves. Mammary glands are the same size, the nipples are not changed. In the right breast palpable clear rounded tuhoelastychne formation up to 1.5 cm lobular structure above it expanded pidshkiryana venous network. A previous diagnosis - mastytopodibna form of cancer. Choose t and ktyku treatment of this disease:

A. Preoperative radiotherapy + surgery.

V. Chemotherapy.

S. Operative treatment.

D. Surgery + postoperative radiotherapy.

E. Preoperative chemoradiation therapy + surgery.


Test number 4

Patient A, '48, addressed to the surgeon complaining of increasing right breast for the last 2 months. Human mammary gland collection and lshena in size, compact. The skin over her swollen. Supposed IDSA and topodibnyy cancer. What tactics surgeon?

A. Refer the patient for imaging breast.

B. Perform breast ultrasound, send an oncologist-mammologist.

C. Approve anti-inflammatory drugs.

D. Refer to a gynecologist.

E. Run ma m ohrafiyu.


Test number 5

The patient, in '50, for two years increasing concern left breast. During the last 4 months' appeared redness of m at lochnoyi cancer. Inspect the surgeon. Designed protyzapalne treatment. P at creating better not mentioned. Recommended surveillance. The left nadklyuch ity zone and found tight elastic consistency lymph node size of 1.5 cm. Left breast enlarged. Her skin flushed. Mr Sim Volume lemon peel. Belly meat which is painless. When renthendoslidzhenni at p haniv chest pathological changes were found. What disease are more possible in this case?

A. Mastitis.

V. Axillary and ponadklyuchychnyy lymphadenitis.

S. Breast cancer metastases in axillary limfovu ponadklyuchychni and the l.

D. Breast.

E. Benign limforetykuloz ponadklyuchychnyh and axillary lymph nodes at.

Standards of answers: 1 - B, 2 - D, 3 - E, 4 - B, 5 - C.


Methodological developments amounted md Associate Professor gv Trunov


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