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Teaching Problem

Task 1.

Patient, 48 years old, complained of cough, shortness of breath, swelling of the face and neck. On chest expanded subcutaneous vessels. At the root of the right lung pathological entity. Liver not enlarged. The abdomen was soft on palpation. What Predictor and etsya dia g noz?

A. Lung cancer, cirrhosis of the liver.

B. Lung cancer metastasized to the liver.

C. Lung cancer syndrome, empty veins.

D. Lung cancer metastasis to the kidney.

E. Pulmonary tuberculosis.


Task 2.

Patient G., 52 year miner smokes. Complaints of cough, increased rate is ture, n is greater dyspnea on exertion. When radiography - reducing the transparency of lung tissue in the lower right. Over the past four months, three times ill nyzhnyechastkovoyu pneumonia. What tactics OBST tion to Confirm e p tion diagnosis?

A. Clinical blood tests.

B. Clinical urine.

C. Bronchoscopy.

D. Esophagoscopy.

E. Tomography.




Task 3

Patient N., 59 years old, do not smoke. Complains of cough, shortness of breath, pain in December in dniy cage right temperature increase. Ill for two weeks. X-rays at the root of the right lung rounded shadow to 3cm. in diameter. Veronica Ave and voruch not prosluhuyetsya, perk in Torno - lung sounds. What is the treatment strategy?

A. Repeated courses of antibiotics.

B. Specific antituberculosis therapy.

C. Surgery.

D. Radiotherapy.

E. Chemotherapy.


Problem 4

The patient in '53 set atelectasis syndrome. As it is clinically pr o?

A. Hard bronchial breathing with dry wheezing;

V. Amforychnym breath and tympanitis;

C. The emergence of different-sized dry and moist rales;

D. Weakening or absence of breathing and voice trembling;

E. Rough dry wheezing and shortening percussion.


Task 5

Patient S., 55 years. Smokes, complaining of cough, hoarseness However, I deposited week. At the root of the left lung volume education to 3 cm. With ultrasound pathology of internal organs were found. What is the most informative method of diagnostics and ki given at th case?

A. Total blood.

B. Bronchoscopy.

C. Laryngoscopy.

D. Tomography mediastinum.

E. Эzofahoskopiya with biopsy.


Problem 6

The company conducted routine inspection. What recommendation ve d th at relatively healthy lifestyle in the prevention of primary lung cancer?

A. Stop Smoking

B. Do not drink alcohol

C. Watch for body weight

D. Engage in physical activity

E. Perform mode of labor and labor

Etalon and relevant hey: 1 - C 2 - C, 3 - A, 4 - D, 5 - D, 6 - A.


Brief guidelines for the work of students on practical zanya t those

Originally performed input control knowledge through tests and oral answers, solving situational problems. Students begin to work independently with patients under the supervision of the teacher. Perform history taking, physicist and lne OBST e tion of patients with lung cancer, the study data further examination of patients. A leading detection syndromes differentiation ill th ing with others and justify a preliminary diagnosis. Outline plan medi tion n. During the test, each student spends tons of physical examination of the patient (inspection, palpation of lymph nodes, abdomen, percussion, auscultation). When you adopt from a student you interpret laboratory data ultrasonographycal, endoscopy h them renthenol at tech, cytological and histopathological studies. In the intensive ter and lary and resuscitation studies ls learn principles of intensive care and supervision of critically ill patients. Work in a dressing room, operating room. Next conducted final test. Summarizes lessons, ord at loshuyutsya results counter at human knowledge and skills.




Process Map practical lessons


Stages of a concept

H and HF and lnyy time


Place ln f ing classes

Mr. Means and learning

SOD and governmental


Determination of n con t o Primary role of knowledge

30 min

Tests op s t uvannya

Slides and would face, renth e nohramy

Reference to and mnata


Addressing Mr. and vchalnyh with a t e inthis we

4 h at dyny

Case patients and with the Tories th illnesses ro with ALG processing at rate g dia nostyky and medication in the bathroom

Stories about patients like leaves desig and Chen, CT-grams, MRI program, radiographs and we

Chamber Lane is bandaging, operating, training room, endoscope and ical room and no


Definition in s tern formed at the level of STI knowledge and skills. Summing pi d bag.

30 min

Tests op s t uvannya

Slides and would face, renth e nohramy, ci f we

Reference to and mnata


Due to the fact that the department conducted watershed and final con t role, as an example, give a few tests


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