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9. Работа в парах. Обсудите с коллегой по группе следующие вопросы.

  1. Which of the advice do you already follow?

  2. Which is the most important tip, as far as you're concerned?

  3. Which tip is the most helpful and the most unhelpful?

10. Переведите тексты и выполните задания 1 и 2.


When you listen or read the text you may take notes in a way you like. You can make a scheme or a drawing, you may use separate words or short phrases. All of these things will remind you about events which you want to remember or to put down later.

Задание 1: Сделайте заметки по тексту 9 или 10. Работайте парами. Используйте свои заметки для составления диалогов по текстам. Воспроизведите свой диалог другой паре.


We usually make notes to prepare or to plan something. It may be an event, an action or writing. While making notes, a person uses his own pattern of proposing the situation. It’s a kind of individual brainstorm in solving a problem. In this way you try to note down ideas as they occur to you and show the way they are connected up.

Example: You are traveling abroad. Your possible notes:

1. to apply for visa,

2. to get the visa from the Embassy,

3. to book the tickets,

4. to collect the things,

5. not to forget to take passport,

6. to book a taxi for the airport.

Задание 2:Работа в группах по 3-4 человека. Используйте метод “making notes” и составьте план проведения студенческой конференции, приема иностранной студенческой делегации или презентации новой студенческой газеты.

11. Работа в парах. Обсудите с коллегой по группе следующие вопросы.

  • What do you find difficult about making notes?

  • Why is it important to make notes, rather than rely on your memory?

  • Do you use a different method of making notes which works well?

Tell your partners about it.

  • Which method of making notes do you prefer? Why?

12. Работа со словарем. Заполните пропуски знаками препинания в упражнениях а) и б).

А) apostrophe ____ brackets / parentheses____ colon____ comma ____ dash____ exclamation mark____ full stop/ period____ hyphen ___ question mark____ semi-colon____ single quotes____ stroke / oblique/ slash_____ quotation marks / inverted commas______

Б) Заполните пропуски названиями, соответствующих знаков препинания.


1. The words 'explained' or 'illustrated' in this sentence are between single quotes.

2. A______ marks the end of a sentence.

3. A_________ shows that there is some doubt or a question in what you say.

4. A _________is used for word-division or word-joining.

5. And it should not be confused with another --- longer --- mark: the________. This is used to separate ideas or words --- usually added as an afterthought.

6. When writers wish to express emphasis or even surprise they use the____. This is no problem.

7. They are used to show what someone actually said something_____.

8. Sometimes you may wish to separate two sentences; but they are somehow closely connected; this is when you can use the_______ instead of the full stop.

9. NOTE: a_______ can help to emphasize what is coming next: to list things: reports, letters, memos and so on.

10. If a person wants to show alternatives, he or she can separate them by using a_____.

11. If you are using words or phrases which are not of primary importance you can placed them between ________.

12. An _______ is used in possessives (Mr. Jones’s) and it’s also used in contractions, isn't it?