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23. Rewrite these sentences using the passive.

Model: A faulty connection could cause the problems with the hard disk. – The problems with the hard disk could be caused by a faulty connection.

  1. Bill Gates founded Microsoft.

  2. Dennis Ritchie developed C for use in the UNIX operating systems.

  3. Java uses a compiler.

  4. Microprocessor uses many circuits.

  5. Most of the IT organizations have developed new trendy innovative technologies.

  6. Nowadays scientists are making enormous advances in computer technology.

  7. Someone broke two system units during transportation.

  8. The entrepreneurs launched many software companies last year.

  9. The salesman is offering the customer a new notebook.

  10. The system unit makes a strange noise.

  11. They write applications in C programming language.

  12. We were doing the homework yesterday at 6 in the evening.

  13. We were repairing the CPU when you called me.

  14. Web developers create new sites.

  15. You delivered the printers over three weeks late.

  16. You have sent us the wrong item again.

  17. You should have delivered this consignment last week.

  18. The virus may damage the file.

24. Make the negative and interrogative forms of the sentences.

Model: The microprocessors are made in China. – The microprocessors are not made in China. Are the microprocessors made in China?

1. The wire is made of fibre optics. 2. Samsung was founded by Steve Jobs. 3. The research has been done by this football team. 4. The work had been done, before John came. 5. The test is being written by doctors now. 6. The robot was being spoken to, when I entered the classroom. 7. The site can be accessed by a child. 8. The file will be damaged by a user. 9. The backgrounds of high level programming languages were developed in 1940s. 10. Its applications can be classified into various categories.

25. Choose the right form of the verb in Passive voice.

1. The article ….. still ….. when somebody knocked at the door.

a) had been***translated; b) was***translated; c) could be***translated; d) was being***translated.

2. The books ….. tomorrow .

a) shall be brought; b) will be brought; c) would be brought; d) will have been brought.

3. Don `t make much noise ! The students ….. now.

a) are being examined; b) have been examined; c)must be examined; d) are examined.

4. The window ….. last week.

a) broke; b) was broken; c) had been broken; d) was being broken.

5. A new stadium ….. by the end of the year.

a) will be built; b) would be built; c) will have been built; d) will be building.

6. Everything ….. before we came.

a) has been done; b) have been done; c) was done; d) had been done.

7. Why ….. she ….. ?

a) is laughed at; b) is being laughed at; c) haslaughed at; d) is laughing at.

8. He ….. nowhere yesterday.

a) wasn’t seen; b) was seen; c) hadn’t been seen; d) didn’t seen.

9. This question ….. now.

a) has been discussed; b) is discussing; c) is discussed; d) is being discussed.

10. All the exercises ….. in written form.

a) have been done; b) had been done; c) are being done; d) were doing.

11. If you ….. don’t refuse to come.

a) was sent for; b) are sent for; c) will be sent for; d) is sent for.

12. I thought the letter ….. already …..

a) has been***sent; b) was***sent; c) had been***sent; d) would be***sent.

13. I ….. by the end of June.

a) shall be examined; b) have been examined; c) shall be examining; d) shall have been examined.

14. He was sure the work ….. in time.

a) will be done; b) would have been done; c) would be done; d) should be done.

15. He ….. much …...

a) speaks of; b) are***spoken of; c) is***spoken of; d) is***speaking of.

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