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Unit I “The digital age”

1. Read and translate the text. Retell the text using the words in bold type. Use of Computers in Everyday Life

Undoubtedly we can say that modern world will be incomplete without computers and their applications. It has become so common in our daily lives that it is almost impossible to imagine life without the use of computers. We get all the modern facilities; thanks to the invention of Computers!

Right from watching movies, listening to music, playing games, prepare office documents, prepare daily planners to latest facilities of emailing, chatting, video-conferencing and social interaction through networking, computers work simply amazingly! All the other modern gadgets are the outcomes of computer, like mobile phone, ipod, usb, cd, dvd, etc. Super fast computers are able to solve trillions of mathematical problems within a fraction of a second!

Earlier, calculators were commonly used while nowadays, even complex calculation can be done with the help of computers. It takes instruction in the form of input and provides output results accordingly. While calculator gives response to the immediate input only, computer work with a set of instructions installed in it, so it constantly works, with amazing speed. Complex mathematical problems can be solved within a fraction of a second. Because of this unique, exclusive features, computers play a vital and crucial role in Banking, Transportation, Travelling, Security, Business, Education, Tourism, Aviation, Government affairs, Defense, Medicine, Army, Emergency Services, etc.

Besides the above-mentioned sectors, the computers also play a pivotal role in our daily life in the form of E-shopping. Shopping via internet is common nowadays. Marketing, shopping, advertising, fashion designing, event organizing, job seeking, etc are all the latest usage of computers. Its usage and service applications can be classified into various categories. Thus it is slowly and positively dominating the lives of mankind, being a great source of information, education and entertainment!

Super computers are generally used for banking transactions, to keep track of railways, control aircrafts, and manage telecommunication system effectively, accurately and conveniently. Super computers are also used to perform complex surgeries in operation theatres. Laser surgery can be done easily, accurately and successfully nowadays.

It is a great means of entertainment to youngsters too, as they love using play stations and other video games. Just look around and we will find computers in every walk of life. The world without computers is unimaginable! Our lives would come at a standstill without computers. The world has become a global village due to telecommunication system worldwide. The knowledge about Space, Planetary System and the Universe as a whole, has come to our finger tips because of the latest developments in Science and Technology.

Earlier, it was merely a dream to travel in space, but the computers have made it possible to discover new heavenly bodies in space. Space travel has provided new information about planets and universe. No doubt, computer is the best innovative creation of Scientists, which serves the mankind in the best possible way. It is quite evident that our future generation will enjoy more creations and enjoy the fruits of labour of today’s mankind.

(based on: http://www.prlog.org)

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