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I. Complete the following sentences.

1. For the classical antiquity and for the Renaissance the ... was the ba­sic element of architectural


a) order

b) asymmetry

c) the effect of illusionism

2. Clear measured expression and definition of architectural space and mass differentiates the

Renaissance style from ...

a) the Rococo

b) the Gothic

c) the Byzantine style

3. It was an Italian Renaissance architect ... who formulated linear perspective.

a) Filippo Brunelleschi

b) Donato Bramante

c) Pietro Lombardo

4. The first building in the Renaissance manner was ...

a) Tempietto San Pietro

b) Palazzo Medici-Riccardi

c) the loggia of the Ospedale degli Innocenti

5. The largest church in the Christian world is ...

a) St. Paul's Cathedral

b) St. Peter's Cathedral

c) Gloucester Cathedral

6. The cathedral of the Assumption was built by ...

a) Fioravante

b) Novi

c) Bernini

7. The eastern facade of the Faceted Palace is faced with ...

a) mosaics

b) glazed tile

c) faceted white stones

II. Choose the right adjective.

1. The ruins of ... classical buildings were one of the sources of knowl­edge for the Renaissance architects.

a) ancient b) contemporary c) Egyptian

2. The order was a system of ... architectural units.

a) casual b) famous c) traditional

3. The ornate, decorative quality of the ... order was embraced during the early Renaissance.

a) Corinthian b) Tuscan c) Ionic

4. The ... simplicity and strength of the Doric was preferred during the Italian High Renaissance.

a) different b) basic c) masculine

5. A very ... arcade was designed with Composite columns.

a) massive b) immediate c) graceful

6. The Tempietto is ... in plan.

a) rectangular b) circular c) semicircular

7. Old St. Peter's was in a very ... condition.

a) poor b) strong c) decorative

III. Choose the right word.

1. The Renaissance developed in ...

a) France b) Italy c) England

2. The treatise "De architecture" was a handbook of the ...

a) Renaissance architects b) Baroque architects

c) Gothic architects

3. The Renaissance is characterized by measured expression and defi­nition of ...

a) pointed arches b) architectural space

c) spherical pendentives

4. The plans for St. Peter's Cathedral were prepared by ...

a) Brunelleschi b) Bernini c) Bramante

5. Alevisio Novi built in Moscow ...

a) the Cathedral of Archangel Michael b) the Cathedral of the Assumption

c) the Granovitaya Palata


I. Suggest the Russian equivalents.

  • a system of traditional architectural units;

  • the ornate, decorative quality of the Corinthian order;

  • the masculine simplicity of the Doric order;

  • the Renaissance pictorial device of perspective;

  • an immediate and full comprehension of the building;

  • a very graceful arcade;

  • windows with classical pediments above each of the arches;

  • the supposed site of the martyrdom of St. Peter;

  • enclosed interior sanctuary;

  • in a very poor condition;

  • the foundation stone;

  • in addition to the high altar;

  • to the top of the lantern