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3. Practise the following fragments of connected speech focusing on loss of plosion.

a) set expressions, proverbs and sayings

a) to be dog-tired

b) to be sick to death

c) to go/walk on tip-toe

d) to have a sharp tongue

e) to bring up to date

f) to read between the lines

g) to stick to the point

h) not to believe one’s eyes/ears

i) side by side

j) from head to toe

k) over my dead body

l) behind closed doors

m) a heart-to-heart talk

n) a round table conference

1. Diamond cut diamond.

2. Best defence is attack.

3. A watched pot never boils.

4. The end justifies the means.

5. Man proposes but God disposes.

6. A burnt child dreads the fire.

7. One cannot put back the clock.

8. Don’t cross the bridge till you get to it.

9. A good dog deserves a good bone.

10. The leopard cannot change his spots.

11. What can’t be cured must be endured.

b) sentences

1. They had to discuss the problem behind closed doors.

2. We felt dog-tired and stopped to have some rest.

3. ‘A poet couldn’t but be gay in such a jocund company’…

4. They met Jane at midday to take her out to lunch in a big cafй.

5. Dad can’t drink black coffee today.

6. Kate picked eight pounds of fruit to make jam.

7. That tap dripped twice as fast two days ago.

8. He picked the best cherries from the topmost branches in the back garden.

9. Last Tuesday I helped Ted to pump two flat tyres.

10. I’ve told him a hundred times to give up card games and take up football.

11. You might call her a lady in white: a white bag, a white bonnet, white boots, white gloves, white jeans.

c) conversational exchanges


– These bananas look good.

– Mmm… I love ripe bananas.


– I’m so sorry but I forgot to water the plants yesterday.

– You should do it today.


– What would you like to start with?

– Grapefruit cocktail for me, please.


– I know Jack plays football on Sundays.

– Does he ever play football on week-days?


– Tom, have you got some change?

– No, I’ve only got pound coins.


– It’s good quality but I don’t like the colour.

– And how do you like these pink jeans?


– There was a football match on television last Tuesday.

– Oh, was there? What time?

– 8.20.


– He couldn’t play in the last game.

– Why couldn’t he play?

– He had to leave Great Britain quite unexpectedly.


– What did they do at their parents’?

– Oh, it was not a romantic journey: David dug potatoes and Kate took care of the sick baby.


– Where shall we go for our holiday this year?

– Why not go to the south coast as usual?

– I thought we might go to the Lake District for a change.

We could try and rent a cottage somewhere quiet.


– Take care not to eat too much at the party.

– I’ll do my best to follow your advice. I know a strict diet is my last chance. But you shouldn’t expect quick changes as I just can’t forget about my favourite chocolate tart…


– Did you have a good time in that club?

– It was a most charming evening: the best club dancers, superb guitars, sweet tunes, folk dances and cheap gin!

– I can’t believe my ears.

– You’d better not waste time and go there yourself.

d) dialogues


A: – I’ve got to go.

B: – Oh, don’t go.

A: – I’ve got to.

B: – No, you don’t have to go.

A: – I want to go home.

B: – What d’you want to go home for?

A: – Open the door.

B: – It’s not locked. Off you go.

A: – I’m sorry.

B: – Go home if you want to. Go on.

A: – I’m sorry.

B: – It’s all right. I don’t mind.


Dick: – I’ve just called in to say good-bye.

Jim: – What time are you leaving?

Dick: – My plane leaves at 8.20 tomorrow.

Jim: – Well, have a good journey.

Dick: – Thanks. Good-bye.

Jim: – Bye. Keep in touch.

Dick: – I will. And thanks for everything.

Jim: – Don’t mention it. Well, all the best.

Dick: – Thanks. Bye-bye.


Mr. Brown: – Mind you don’t bear left at the crossroads.

Robert: – No. I’m to keep straight on.

Mr. Brown: – That’s right and be sure not to miss the footpath on the right.

Robert: – I’ll look for it.

Mr. Brown: – And be careful not to talk of their dead daughter.

Robert: – Of course, not.

Mr. Brown: – And you’d better not ask after John. He is in trouble.

Robert: – No, I must be careful about that.

Mr. Brown: – And I wouldn’t stay for tea if I were you.

Robert: – No, I’ll say you’re expecting me back soon.


Paul: – Do you feel like going for a drive in the country this afternoon?

Susan: – Yes, I’d like to. It’s a wonderful day.

Paul: – I thought we might go to the South Downs. You get a wonderful view from there.

Susan: – That’s a good idea.

Paul: – Well, I’ll call for you about two, then. Or is that too early?

Susan: – No. That would be fine. I’ll be ready.

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