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Back to School


35 Mannar Road



16th September

Dear Mr. Harrison,

Jimmy is coming back to school on Monday, and my husband has asked me to explain the situation to you. Jimmy has recovered from his bout of bronchitis now, but the doctor told us to keep him home for a few more days to be on the safe side. We hope he hasn’t missed anything important since the term began. We would like to ask you to watch over him for a while and not to let him take part in games or gymnastics for a week. This is on the doctor’s advice. I enclose a note from him. Jimmy is so keen on games that he will try to play before he is fit enough, unless someone keeps a no on him.

We had provided him with all the clothes on the list except the red athletics vests and the blue shorts. He’s already grown out of last year’s pair, but we only discovered this yesterday and the local shop doesn’t have any in stock. I shall get some next week and forward them by post.

We were very pleased that Jimmy took to boarding-school life so well in his first year, and we trust he will continue to be happy. We were both very grateful to you for being so helpful last year, and we look forward to having another talk with you at the parent-teacher meeting next month.

Yours sincerely,

B. Williams, Mrs.

Answer the following questions to the text:

1. Why is Mrs. Williams writing a letter to the School Headmaster?

2. What does she promise to buy?

3. What do the Williams look forward to?

Additional Dialogues and Texts

(Oral Comprehension)

Text 1

Before you start listening to the dialogue, get acquainted with the words and expressions given below:

to get thinnerхуднути/ставати стрункішою, to slimхуднути, to get heavyгладшати, to get a bit thick round the middleтрохи гладшати у попереку



– You’re getting thinner every minute.

– I’m slimming.

– I don’t think slimming is a very good idea.

– But it isn’t a very good idea to get heavy, is it?

– Who’s heavy?

– Well, you are getting a bit thick round the middle.

Text 2

Before you start listening to the dialogues, get acquainted with the words and expressions given below:

to be off workне ходити на роботу, to go down with a coldзлягти з хворобою, to pass smth. onпередавати щось, to give smb. one’s regardsпередавати комусь привіт, to overworkперевтомлюватися (надто багато працювати), to get over smth.подолати щось (хворобу), he’s laid upвін зліг (від хвороби), to have the doctor inприймати (викликати/запросити) лікаря, to inquire about smb. розпитувати про когось

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