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7. Answer the questions.

1) How old is Demis Demiris?

2) Is he married now?

3) How many wives did he have?

4) Where was he educated?

5)What kinds of business is Demis Demiris involved in?

6) Why do you think he closed the Hong Kong branch of Kronos Bank in 1996?

7) In which locations does he have casinos?

8) What do you think about Mr Demiris’ career – is it successful or not? Why?


1.Match the following phrases to their correct definitions.

Career ladder something you do to progress in your job

Career move period of time away from your job, for example, to look

after your children

Career break series of levels that lead to better and better jobs

Career plan chances to start/ improve your career

Career opportunities ideas you have for your future career

2. Complete these sentences with the verbs from the list.

Make Climb Take Have Decide Offer

  1. Employees in large companies ................. excellent career opportunities if they wish to travel.

  2. Some people ................... a career break to do something exciting like sailing round the world.

  3. One way to ....................... a career move is to join a small but fastly growing company.

  4. In some companies it can take years to ................... the career ladder.

  5. Some companies ........................... career opportunities to unemployed people or people without qualifications.

  6. Ambitious people often ................. on a career plan while they are still at school or university.

3. In each of the groups below cross out the word or phrase which doesn’t go with the verb.

1 make a fortune 4 do research

a living a mistake

a training course a job

2 get progress 5 take time off

a promotion a break

the sack an office job

3 earn a bonus 6 work flexitime

a part-time job your best

money overtime

4. Make up sentences using the phrases from exercise 3.

For example, You can make a fortune with a career in computers.

5. Make up a monologue “My (future) career” using the above given vocabulary and the useful phrases from the texts.

Ggammar Review

1. Present Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect Continuous? Choose the correct answer.

1) Where is Mr Brown? At the moment he ____________ with Mr O’Connor.

a) has lunch b) is having lunch c) has been having lunch

2) Max Factor is an American company. They _______ high quality beauty products.

a) produces b) are producing c) have been producing

3) Now Antispy Products ____________ their brand new computer scramblers for Internet users.

a) sell b) are selling c) have been selling

4) Mr Demiris ________________ on the Stock Exchange for a number of years.

a) operates b) is operating c) has been operating

5) Every year our company ___________ a lot of money in market research and sales promotion.

a) invest b) has been investing c) is investing

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