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General quiz 1

Complete the sentences making the right choice:

1. I am ... I am.

A. whose B. which C. that D. why

2. We do not know ... figure is correct.

A. how B. which C. these D. why

3. The kids want to see a real ... elephant.

A. live B. living C. alive D. lively

4. You are not to talk to anyone about your plan............. not to know.

A. He B. He is С. We are D. They are

5. I'm well aware of your point of view. What's.........., I wonder?

A. your partner's B. your partner C. your partners D. yours partner

6. She is going to leave (1)... job for (2)... personal reason.

1) A.aB. the C. his D.-

2) A.aB. their С this D. the

7. Is your potential.... hard to reach?

A. such B. that С. such a D. what

8.... is the main office from here?

A. How B. How long C. How far D. How often

9. I’m ... with my English course.

A. though B. through C. thought D. thorough

10. Let's give him ... chance.

A. other B. the other С. more D. another

11. If the situation is good you.....to accelerate your plans.

A. about to B. are about to C. able D. are

12. There are those .... do not like computers.

A. who B. that С. which D. they

13. Give your answer in one sentence, and a short one at....

A. it B. this С. that D. least

14. I’m late again...... for my good resolutions.

A. So many B. So much C. Such much D. Very much

15. Apples never get as big as ... in these parts.

A. these B. those C. so D. that

16. I refuse to go and............ !

A. that's it B. this is it C. that's that D. it's that

17. Roy was late for the simple reason ... he didn't know the time.

A. that B. which C. what D. because

18. These type of cars are ... expensive.

A. such B. so C. such as D. that

19. There are two things about the matter. Our friends know one of them. But

they don't know ..... .

A. another B. other C. others D. the other

20. - Results like that aren't easy to obtain.

- Nothing worth having ... is.

A. never B. even С. ever D. so

21. The story is ... long that I have no chance to read it today.

A. such а В so C. such D. that

22. She won't go there but if she ... it'll be quite a surprise.

A. does B. will C. won't D. is

23. - Do you like the Browns?

-1 don't know. I don't think I ... very much.

A. like B. am С. do D. am like

24. The importance of those facts is ... plain ... it seems impossible to ignore


A. such ... because B. so... that C. that... why D. that... so

25. - I don't know what lo do. - Neither.... I.

A. don't B. am С. will D. do

26. - Paul played an awful trick on us! -1 am not so certain he ... .

A. played B. does С did D. playing

27. The ex-boss knew how to handle such cases. This man .....

A. does not B. does С. is not D. is

28. -You're English! - So .... vou.

A. do B. are C. will D. can

29. ... is this thing called?

A. How B. Which C. Who D. What

30. - Nobody is aware of that.

- ........... ?

A. Is he? B. Isn't he? С. Is that not? D. Aren't they?

31..............too much on your problems.

A You center B. Your center C. Your centering D. Yours centers

32. Even lime anything happens it's ... all the other things happening all over

the world.

A. because B. why С. because of D. that's why

33. I am not the kind of person who says anything bad about.......

A. someone B. anyone C. no one D. everyone

34. One moment. I am in conversation, .... you can see.

A. as B. how С. what D. that

35. I've got some calls .... .

A. making B. make С. am making D. to make

36. Nothing is ... as bad or as good as it seems.

A. neither B. nor C. either D. or

37. Guys ... women to look natural.

A. like B. are like C. liking D. are liking

38. ...do I look?

A. What B. Which С. How D. Now

39. Are you .... that there is a big problem with our project?

A. know B. wonder С. hear D. aware

40. What are our.... in this situation?

A. choices B. versions С options D. variants

41. What am I .... first?

A. do B. doing С. - D. to do

42. I'm not very fond of stories like ... .

A. what B. such С. so D. that

43. I've never believed him, and still......... .

A. do B. haven't С. don't D am not

44. It is certain that things are .... than they appear.

A. more B. most C. much D. many

45. You'd .... take a way right now.

A. bet B. better С. best D. more better

46. Thanks, that suits me.....

A. finely B. fine С. good D. pretty

47.1 don't think I know the man. .... does he look like?

A. How B. Whose С What D. Who

48. I'm good,.....?

A. am 1 not B. aren't I С. I am D. of course

49. It's .... possible for us to do it.

A. hard B. harder С. hardest D. hardly

50. "Fat chance" means.......... .

A. "big chance" B. "great chance" C. "little chance" D. "one hundred percent chance "

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