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Test 28

Choose the best completion to the sentence:

1. ... men ... busy.

1) A. This B. These С That D. A

2) A. will B. was С. is D. are

2.1 am well ... of the facts.

A. think B. understand C. aware D. know

3. If he is late ... I won't wait for him.

A. usually B. usual С. as usual D. as usually

4. Are you fond ... getting ahead of the game?

A. of B. in С. at D. by

5. The books are two. ... am I to take?

A. What B. Whose С. Which D. Who

6. At any rate, we are able to ... of the situation.

A. to do the most B. to make the most С. to make the best D. to make most

7. We ... to learn a lot of stuff for our last exam.

A. must B. should C. are D. were

8. He is respectable, so ... him accordingly.

A. mean B. speak С. treat D. deal

9. If you don't know the answer ask....

A. someone B. everybody С. anybody D. some

10. There ... many opponents for us to dispute with at the next


A. will no be B. won't be С. will be no D. won't be any

Test 29

Choose the best completion to the sentence:

1. - The last century was an age of progress.

- … .

A. So does ours. B. So do ours. С. So is ours. D. So are ours.

2. - The book is good. - What is ... title?

A. her B. it С. it's D. its

3. Is it in his nature to make people ... that long?

A. wait B. to wait С. waited D. waiting

4. Have you got... problems?

A. any B. something С. anything D. not

5. ... must know the rules ... to play by.

1) A. Every B. Each С. Some D. One

2) A. whom B. whose C. which D. what

6. We are going to use a new computer system. ... systems are quite new.

A. Such B. That С. This D. So

7. There are... any new projects to join in the near future.

A. none B. no С. not D. nothing

8. ... about giving me a call tomorrow afternoon?

A. Why B. Now С. How D. Who

9. ... mathematics is not in my line.

A. Plain B. Pure С. Simple D. Poor

10. While you are at the store ... you get a few things for me as well?

A. may B. must С. should D. could

Test 30

Choose the best completion to the sentence:

1. We are to dispute ... of these questions in turn.

A. each B. every С. everything D. ever

2. You ... come to work on time from this day on, or else you are in for trouble.

A. can B. had better C. are D. may

3. ... you terminate the project if you aren't sure of it?

A. Shouldn't B. Mustn't С. Don't D. Aren't

4. You had better... your exam as soon as possible.

A. taking B. to take C. will take D. take

5. You look awful. You ... be very tired.

A. must B. can C. may D. should

6. It is important for... to talk the matter over.

A. we B. our С. us D. ours

7. Your prospects are better than ....

A. mine B. my C. me D. our

8. The mistakes are not many. In fact, they are ... .

A. little B. much C. few D. more

9. The best thing is to ... the right decision.

A. do B. make С. have D. solve

10. The ... difficult problem is that of communication.

A. some B. more С. much D. most

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