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Федеральное агентство по образованию

Государственное образовательное учреждение

высшего профессионального образования Нижегородский государственный университет

им. Н.И.Лобачевского






Рекомендовано методической комиссией

филологического факультета ННГУ для

студентов естественнонаучных и социо экономических


Нижний Новгород



Complete the sentences making the right choice:

1. This kind of job isn't ... easy to get.

A. such B. what C. that D. sort

2. ... sorts of mistakes are typical.

A. All B. These С. That D. This

3. I am not very fond of stories like ....

A. what B. such С so D. that

4. I am at a loss ...to say.

A. what B. this С. that D. who

5. I wonder... situation is good enough to make the most of.

A. that B. this С what D. such

6.... a serious step is hard to take.

A. that B. this С what D. such

7. Well, the paper is really good. The mistakes are ... few.

A. so B. such C. that D. what

8. Is the idea really ... big?

A. that B. such С what D. kind

9. John is ... star there.

A. sort B. sort of С. so D. kind

10. A theory isn't ... easy to form.

A. what B. such C. that D. sort of


Choose the closest association to the italicized fragment or the best completion to the sentence:

1. That pal of yours is not interesting in any way.

A. bad B. boring C. strange D. wrong

2. The car is good to move along.

A. look at B. choose C. take D. drive

3. Our friends realize that the options are few.

A. are aware B. aware C. are aware of B. knows

4. A piece of work you must do is your —

A. aim B. problem С. point D. task

5. To find the correct answer to a problem is —

A. to make it. B. to explain it. С. to solve it. D. to remember it.

6. This is a soft option. So, -—

A. explain it. B. make the most of it. С. form it. D. help it

7. These are the facts you need to know.

A. little facts B. easy facts С. right facts D. bare facts

8. My pal likes this type of car very much.

A. fonds B. is fond C. is fond of D. forms

9. What is your idea of it?

A. point B. fact C. story D. choice

10. The problem is far from easy.

A. dim B. wrong C. hard D. true


Choose the closest association to the italicized fragment or the best completion to the sentence:

1. Do you often think about things you are not sure of.

A. learn B. read C. wonder D. remember

2. Maybe it's all just a big mistake.

A. percent B. perhaps C. perfect D. perform

3. The project is — big that we are all interested.

A. so B. such С. that D. like

4. Are you — that Joe has a problem with his boss?

A. know B. wonder С. learn D. aware

5. This is the right — of thing to buy.

A. kind B. option С. choice D. class

6. This job is very good, so it is easy —

A. to win B. to get С. to take D. to lose

7. We have too little time. So be — about it.

A. fond B. quick С. soft D. easy

8. Well, all of you have — between three main candidates.

A. a choice B. an option C. a job D. the future

9. I’m afraid Paul has only a dim idea of the risk.

A. is well aware B. has a clear understanding C. has no understanding D. has a simple idea


Choose the best completion to the sentence:

1. What am I — first?

A. do B. done С - D. to do

2. The decision — to be hard to make.

A. is B. is going С is able D. is about –

3. Our company is very respectable. You — at work on time.

A. are to be B. are able to be C. are able D. are going

4. The lecture on statistics — (1) to start. I know it --- (2) to be boring.

(1) A. about B. going С is about D. is able

(2) A. is going B. is able C. is to be able D. is

5. A bad job? You — (1) there for ever. You — (2) to quit.

(1) A. are not work B. are not to work С are not about to work D. are able to work

(2) A. are about B. are not going С able D. are able

6. The options are few, so our option — soft.

A. is to be B. are to be С isn't to be D. is able

7. Are your classmates — to make a presentation of their computer project?

A. to be B. be going С able D. be able

8. This kind of project — to be new.

A. are going B. is going С going D. be going

9. Your problem is that you — to contact the right man.

A. are going B. are about С are able D. are not able

10. Our boss is very strict. We — to make a mistake this time.

A. are B. are not С are able D. are not able


Complete the following sentences:

1. I'm ... with the first part of the English course.

A. though B. through C. thought D. thorough

2. You are well aware ... your task is going to be hard.

A. what B. these C. which D. that

3. My pal is about to take the job.............. .

A. That is B. This is that С. That's that D. That's how

4. Whose idea is that? -........... .

A. My pals' B. My pals С My pal D. The idea of my pal

5. These are my prospects. What are....... ?

A. you B. your С. yours D. yours prospects

6. We have a few options. ..... is the best?

A. What B. Whose С. Which D. Whom

7. I'm afraid we have no time. We .... to decide now.

A. able B. be able С. going D. are

8. - Such results aren't easy to get. - Nothing worth having ever.....

A. is B. is to be С are D. is not

9. Is your potential.... hard to reach?

A. such B. that С, such a D. what

10. She is going to leave (I)... job for (2)... personal reason.

1) A. a B. the С. his D.-

2) A. a B. their С. this D. the


Complete the following sentences:

1. You are not to talk to anyone about your plan............. not to know.

A. He B. He is С. They are D. We are

2. When the turn of events is fortunate you.....to accelerate your plans.

A. about to B. are about to С. able D. are

3. - The main office isn't far from here. -.......... is it?

A. How B. How long С. How far D. How often

4. I'm well aware of your point of view. What's.........., I wonder?

A. your partner's B. your partner С. your partners D. yours partner

5. Your friend makes mistakes as well as you do. So give .... another chance.

A. his B. him С. he D. he's

6. - The possibilities are unlimited. I'm close to something big!

- Only if the Board............to terminate your grant.

A. is able B. is С. is not able D. is about

7. I am ...... I am.

A. which B. this C. whose D. that

8. Aren't you aware of..... serious things?

A. such B. so С. such a D. that

9. We are going to put our plans........

A. thorough B. thought С. though D. through

10. (1) ... turn of events is fortunate. And it is (2)... unusual turn of events, I'd say.

1) A. a B. the С. an D. their

2) A. the В. a С. - D. an


Complete the following sentences:

1. The company is not big but... prospects are very good.

A. it's B. her С. its D. ours

2. Somebody is on the phone but I'm unable to get... name.

A. his B. their C. her D. my

3. ... decision is that?

A. Who B. Whom С. Which D. Whose

4. ... get disappointed.

A. Don't B. Do С. Not D. No

5. Any person is able to come to work in time because......to do it.

A. he is B. she is С. it is D. they are

6. George is very good at getting things done. It's hard to be like ... .

A. he B. him С. his D. it

7. I am to be mindful of the future. That's......adviser always says.

A. what my B. that my С. what me D. what mine

8. Why terminate my project? Why not terminate ...?

A. your B. our С. yours D. you

9. They are important persons. So treat... accordingly.

A. they B. their С. they're D. them

10. Students' ideas are not the same as.......

A. their teachers B. their teacher С. their teachers' D. them teachers'

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