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Test 23

Choose the closest association to the italicized fragment:

1. Far too many projects end before completion.

A. terminal B. terminate C. term D. terribly

2. People working in the company are mostly unhappy with the decision about talks.

A. disputed B. disabled С. disagreed D. disappointed

3. Our fitness center is certainly worth a visit.

A. definitely B. definite C. different D. differently

4. As shown by one study, 60 percent of communication is nonverbal.

A. accord В according C. accordingly D. according to

5. I see no chance of things getting better.

A. point B. progress С. prospect D. promise

6. The rate of inflation is about to get faster.

A. accord B. act С. accelerate D. add

7. I was lucky enough to reach my friend at Stanford.

A. fortunate B. happy C. fortunately D. fortune

8. You are not to do only what you want.

A. pleased B. please С. to please D. pleasant.

9. Our classes are to take place at the planned time.

A. seldom B. in the semester С. in the stretch D. on schedule

10. I think your exam results are respectable enough.

A. definite B. difficult С. different D. decent

Test 24

Choose the best completion to the sentence:

1. You are not sure whether your answer is going to be correct? At least, you can try to ... .

A. get B. guess С. great D. guest

2. There are 60 minutes in an ... .

A. our B. whole C. how D. hour

3. Only part of assignments is not enough. You are to do the ... of your homework.

A. whole B. hole С. Hal f D. note

4. We are close to the end of the discussion and a positive decision now looks like a real.....

A. option B. choice C. possibility D. case

5. It's a hard matter, so you are to ... a lawyer about it.

A. advise B. say C. talk D. consult

6. It's one o'clock; why not go for a ..., say, in a Chinese restaurant?

A. meal B. meat С. food D. breakfast

7. Sandy thinks his co-workers aren't nice to him. "They are to ... me as a respectable person," he keeps saying.

A. trust B. treat С. try D. true

8. I'm not going to stay here, I'm about to ....

A. live B. leave С. to leave D. to live

9. You are about to ... the point where you are able to make much


A. reach B. rich С. arrive D. come

10. I think I know the ... why you are disappointed.

A. rate B. result С. reason D. limit

Test 25

Choose the closest association to the italicized fragment:

1. I know the man very well.

A. through В. though and though C. though D. through and through

2. There are technical problems - anyway, that's what I think.

A. at a rate B. at any rate С. at this rate D. at rating

3. Spencer knows all the exact details of this troublesome situation.

A. ins B. outs С. outs and ins D. ins and outs

4. Success? You are nearer to it than you think.

A. close B. closer C. clever D. clearer

5. Things often change at the beginning of a new year.

A. turn B. lime С. term D. team

6. Put this book where it is the right place for it.

A. becomes B. belongs C. begins D. believes

7. As you reach the last pan of the campaign things are going to get easier.

A. center B. most important step С. most difficult step D. home stretch

8. If you really need any information you are sure to find it searching carefully.

A. dig up B. dig out C. dig in D. dig into

9. The positive thing about it is that things are no more than they appear.

A. at last B. at least С. of late D. lastly

10. I admire your ability to think about anything carefully in any situation.

A. commitment B. control С. concentration D. order

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